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<ul><li><p>FORTHCOMING PAPERS (in alphabetical order) </p><p>A. AGNESI and G. REAM - Development of medium power, compact, all-solid-state lasers. A. CERESOLE, M. RASETrI and R. ZECCHINA -- Geometry, topology and physics of non-Abelian lattices. B. CROSIGNANI, P. DI PORTO, M. SEGEV, C. SALAMO and A. YARIU - Nonlinear optical beam propagation and solitons in photorefractive media. E. GALLO - Proton structure functions at HERA. R. GIRLANDA, S. SAVASTA and B. AZZERBONI - Quantum description of the electromagnetic field in a confined polarizable medium. D. GIULIETTI and L. A. GIZZI - X - ray emission from laser-produced plasmas. G. MONTAGNA, O. NICROSINI and F. PICCININI - Precision physics at LEP. V. PRIVITERA, S. COFFA, F. PRIOLO and E. RIMINI - Migration and interaction of point defects at room temperature in crystalline silicon. </p></li></ul>