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  • International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2019 736 ISSN 2250-3153

    Formulation and Development of Antifungal Nail Lacquer Containing Miconazole Nitrate Use in

    Treatment of Onychomycosis Kanchan Yadav *, Dr. Jai Narayan Mishra **, Mr. D.K Vishwakarma ***

    * Kailash Institute Of Pharmacy And Management Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh

    ** Director, Kailash Institute Of Pharmacy And Management Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh *** HOD, Kailash Institute Of Pharmacy And Management Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh

    DOI: 10.29322/IJSRP.9.04.2019.p8890 Abstract- In this research paper the main aim is formulation and development of Anti-fungal nail lacquer which is used in treatment of onychomycosis Anti-fungal nail lacquer which is used in treatment of Onychomycosis skin fungal disorder was focus on the disease causes and treatment by nail lacquer, onychomycosis causes by the pathogens include dermatophytes, candida, and non-dermatophytes. Improvement clinical efficacy and also proper the patients compliance. Nail Lacquer preparation by simple mixing non-volatile, gloss, smoothness to flow, drug diffusion studies drug content estimation, Nail lacquer is used on fingernails, toenails of the human beings. Which is protect the nail but, nail plate but most of significant in maximize the beauty, gloss, impart colour. Nail lacquer is mostly applicable for those drug which have poor bioavailability in oral formulation this techniques is used in maximize the topical bioavailability of drug across the nail. In this formulation used different type of the use in this preparation which is 2 hydroxy propyl beta cyclodextrin, ethyl cellulose, nitrocellulose, propylene glycol as well as drug formulate and obtain optimal release conclusion is success in this formulation. Index Terms- Fungal infections, Nail Lacquer, Onychomycosis

    I. INTRODUCTION ll over the last time period the treatment of illness has been carried out by administrating drugs to human body by many

    routes namely oral, parental, topical inhalation etc. The suitably treatment is accurate and demands by medical condition. As a matter of fact, the thought of solution of the patients disease with least harm done to the patient’s health is said to be the main achieve of any therapy. However, a good treatment technique is needful by the knowledge of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the stable drug. Nails of human being do not have role of decorative as well as protective, but can also be considered as a substitute pathway for drug delivery in a special manner in nail disease such as onychomycosis or psoriasis. These nail diseases are to great degree of spread in the population, In the pharmaceutical industry developing effective method for nail drug delivery system is important. .Conformity and

    decrease danger side effects of a drug cause from temporary overdose. Other advantageous is convenience, particularly noteworthy in patches that necessitate only once weekly use. Such a simple dosing regimen can helpful in patient attachment to drug therapy. Scheming an0d development of TDDS is multidisciplinary activity that comprehend cardinal feasibleness studies starting from the choice molecule of the drug to the presentation of sufficient drug flux in an in vivo and in vitro model followed by friction of a drug delivery system that fitting all the rigorous demand that are specific to the molecule of the drug FUNGAL INFECTION- The fungus is crude organism and the fungi can live all over in the air, in the soil, on the plant and in the Fungal infection the classed by capable of causing harm fungi are very common determine, and it not so serious if they are diagnosed fast and right treated. All the same while fungal infections are solicitude, one of treated again injection can easy fall out, as fungi can be create problem to skill. The fungal are frequently present in the totality of surrounding conditions. NAIL DISEASE- The nail plate may seem not in normal as a conclusion of congenital defect, disease of dermis with attachment of the nail bed, systematic disease, minimize of blood supply, local trauma, infection of the nail folds, Infectious nail plate. - GREEN NAIL SYNDROME-Pseudomonas is category of fungus which is cause the infection B-PARONYCHIA- 1-ACUTE PARONYCHIA- Bacterial infections e.g. group. A streptococci .that is cause the swelling violent pain. -CHRONIC PARONYCHIA- Mainly fall out in patients whose hands are an invariably in water with recurrent lower trauma prejudicial the cuticle so that throne can farther harm the nail fold. Generally get infected particularly with pseudomonas develops a green or black discoloration. C-NAIL PSORASIS- Scurfy dermis the nail plate gets cavities dry and frequent tumble and also appears red, orange and brown with red dots. D-YELLOW NAIL SYNDROME- A not widely known position qualify via yellow nail with lack of cuticle, develop slowly and it minimize or separated.


  • International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2019 737 ISSN 2250-3153

    E-ONYCHOMYCOSIS- It is chronicle for third of integumentary fungal infection and one half of all nail disease. PARAKERATOSIS- Presenting hyperkeratosis. ONYCHOMYCOSIS- People with infection are frequent feel shame about nail not in figure, because it can one time limits the quality of moving freely, it may indirectly minimize peripheral circulation because of that decline position that are several stasis and foot ulcers Fungal infections of the nails can also dispersed to another site of the body to another human. ONYCHOMYCOSIS


    A- DISTAL SBUNGAL ONYCHOMYCOSIS- The more general form may growth in the toenails, fingernails or both, infection is normally caused by trichophyton rubrum which attach in nail bed and the bottom of the nail plate, starting at migrating proximally done inherent nail matrix.

    B- WHITE SUPERFACIAL ONYCHOMYCOSIS- Once 10% of cases which is caused by several fungus that direct attach the superficial layers of the nail plate and develop well represented opaque white island on the plate the nail is rough, soft and friable. This several of disorder can be treated with topical antifungal drug alone.

    C- PROXIMAL SUB UNGAL ONYCHOMYCOSIS- It is fall out while infecting organism commonly attach the nail through proximal nail fold, penetrate the newer develop nail plate and then migrate distally.

    D- CANDIDA ONYCHOMYCOSIS-It can category into three part-

    1-Infection starting as infection structure encompassing the nail known felon. 2-Chronicle for lower than 1% of disorder this position is seen in immune via media patients and attach direct of the nail plates. 3-While nail plate has removed from nail bed. TREATMENT OF ONYCHOMYCOSIS- Several modalities can be used for the treatment of disease topical therapy, systemic therapy, combination therapy, nail removal and nail lacquer. NAIL LACQUER- Nail polish or nail varnish is used for people fingernail or toenail to decorate and/or protection the nail plate. Conventional nail lacquer have been applied as cosmetics since a large duration for beautification and protection of nails. Topical nail preparation like lacquer, enamel and varnish are integral part of today’s beautification curative. It is help for defence to the nail plate, but most significantly it maximize their glowing, imparting colour.

    Formulation of active objects, large tissue concentration for capacity for the treatment of nail fungal disease. The medicated drug are colourless and non-glossy to be applied for male patients, and more significant the drug are produce from the film so it can penetrate in to the nail the drug consisting polymer film may be considered as a matrix type controlled release the drug are closely spread with polymer and predicted the spread drug in polymer film before it is produce. DRUG PROFILE Miconazole Nitrate

    Structure of Miconazole nitrate

    Table No.2 Properties of Miconazole nitrate

    Proprietary name Desenex, Monistat, Zeasorb-AF IUPAC Name (RS)-1-2(2,4-

    Dichlorobenzyloxy)-2-(2,4 dichlorophenyl)ethyl-1H- imidazole

    Molecular formula C18_ H14 Cl4_ N2_ O Molecular weight 416.127g/mol CAS No 22961 – 47 – 8 Melting Point 159-163 0C

    Description: white crystalline and slightly smell Solubility of Miconazole: Soluble in Ethanol, Acetone Mechanism of action Miconazole interaction with 14-a dimethyl as, a cytochrome P—450 enzyme necessitate to alteration, lanostero to ergo sterol. As ergo sterol is a significance substance of the fugal cell membrane, conquer of its synthesis conclusion in largely cellular permeability for accountable leakage of cellular substance. Miconazole may also conquer endogenous respiration, interaction with membrane phospholopods, conquer the transformation of yeasts to mycelial forms, curb purine


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