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Forests For People More Than You Can Imagine!. Pickens Soil & Water Conservation District and the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) 2011 Poster Contest Theme And Stewardship Theme. Why are forests important?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Forests For PeopleMore Than You Can Imagine!

    Pickens Soil & Water Conservation District and the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) 2011 Poster Contest ThemeAnd Stewardship Theme

  • Why are forests important?

  • Can you see something from a forest from where you are sitting?

  • Forest products at your school

  • Forest products in your community

  • Source:

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    buttons - cutting boards benches - bird houses stereo speakers garden stakes stairways - beds tables - barrels window frames bulletin boards linoleum - seesaws fishing boats - billboards disposable medical clothing church pews - totem poles - desks How many other tree products can you list?

  • Trees Work! Working Trees For Agriculture Working Trees For Communities Working Trees For Water Quality Working Trees For Wildlife Working Trees For Livestock Working Trees: Silvopasture Working Trees For Treating Waste Working Trees For Carbon Cycle Balance Working Trees For Carbon: Windbreaks In The U.S

  • Conservation and Trees

  • Pickens County

  • What can you do to learn more about forests?STATE DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES

  • What kinds of careers are related to forestry?Fish and Wildlife ManagementManagement and ConservationPolicy and PlanningParks, Recreation and TourismForestry and Natural Resource SciencesEnvironmental Science and TechnologyWood and Paper ScienceGenetics and Biotechnology

  • What kind of food do we get from trees?


  • 2011 Poster & Essay Contest

    Grades K- 4PosterGrades 5 - 8 Essay

  • Theme Title for Your Poster

    Forests for PeopleOr Forests for People More Than You Can Imagine!

    Discuss and share your information with others!

  • Poster Ideas

  • Poster Ideas

  • Poster Ideas

  • What makes a good Poster?Attracts attentionIs simple and clearUses colors and white space to get and hold attentionLetters are large enough to be easily read

  • When forming ideas for your posterResearch the topic of the themeBrainstorm ideas and make a listUse the theme as your title Forest for PeopleOrForest for PeopleMore Than You Can Imagine!

  • Tips to rememberDont use too many wordsUse a combination of illustrations and wordsBe as neat as you canBlend colors when using crayons or colored pencilsDepending on design leave white space on the posterMake sure the poster is balanced

  • Tips to rememberChoose colors carefully. Note the following general guidelines:- Black tends to be more formal, neat, rich, strong- Blue is cool, melancholy- Purple is considered royal, rich- Yellow tends to be warm, light, or ripe- Green is fresh, young, or growing- White means clean, and neat-Red attracts the eye, is high energy - Orange attracts the eye

  • Tips to remember

    Don't try to include too many ideas or activities on your poster. A single message, clearly illustrated, is more effective

  • Things you should not doCover poster with lamination or other clear covering(Clear covering is OK if chalk type materials)Use staples, tacks, or tapeUse fluorescent postersCreate a poster that is all words or a poster that is all pictures

  • Steps to follow when making a posterDecide on information to include on the posterResearch the theme topicSketch out your ideaMark guidelines for lettering (lightly)Clean up the poster so it is neat. Erase any guidelines that are showing.

  • Steps to follow when making a posterTurn poster in on time for judging. Attach poster entry form on the back and be sure it is signed by a parent or guardian. Entry must be contestant's original, hand done creation and may not be traced from photographs or other artists' published works.

  • Steps to follow when making a posterAny media may be used to create a flat or two-dimensional effect (paint, crayon, colored pencil, charcoal, paper or other materials). Poster size must be between 8.5" x 11" and 22" x 28". Or the size required by your local or state contest.

  • What your poster will be judged on

    Conservation message50 percent Visual effectiveness30 percent Originality10 percent and Universal appeal10 percent.

  • Length: 300-500 words for 5th & 6th Graders; 500-700 words for 7th & 8th Graders. Written in ink, or typed on 8 x 11 on white paper or sent by email. (note: essays cannot be returned). Document covers are suggested, but a title page is required with the following information: (This information is needed to get in touch with you when you win.)Essay TitleStudents NameStudents Mailing Address (city, state, zip)GradeSchoolTeachers Name (full name)Essay Guidelines

  • Essay - A short composition dealing with a single subject from a personal point of view; facts may be interwoven into the essay, which stimulates thinking.

    Essays should address the following questions: What is a forest?Are forests important? Why? What connection do people have to the forest? What is forest management? Why are forests managed? How can you protect forests? In South Carolina, who protects forests?

  • Essay Judging Criteria:The District has a standard score sheet to be used for all contest levels. Content : 50 points Writing Style: 20 pointsOrganization: 20 points Neatness: 10 points Infractions: Incorrect length, current title not used -5points & incorrect paper size -2.

  • CONTENT: 50 points knows subject matter; develops and follows theme; presents accurate facts: original approach to subject; stimulates thinkingWRITING STYLE: 20 points innovative style (keeps your interest); correct use of grammar, spelling, punctuation; readability (clear message, easily understood by reader)ORGANIZATION: 20 points proper paragraph transitions; opening closing tie-in; sticks to theme

  • The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~ Chinese Proverb

  • Visitwww.nacdnet.orgStewardship & EducationFor additional information on NACD Education Material on Habitat, Soil and Water Teachers guide Student booklets and more..

    2011_NACD_Forestry PosterContest_InfoQuestions: Contact Susan Schultz 317-326-2952*2011_NACD_Forestry PosterContest_InfoQuestions: Contact Susan Schultz 317-326-2952*Forests for People More Than You Can Imagine! Is the theme for the 2011National Association of Conservation Districts theme for the poster contest. It is also used for the 56th year of NACD Stewardship Week held the last Sunday in April to the first Sunday in May each year.Tell me what pictures you saw in the previous slide?Road with trees on both sides Apple growing on a tree Beautiful Lake and forest Kids brushing their teeth.

    What are the importance of each of the photos?1- Trees could provide shade on the road, provide shelter for animals and homes.2) Apple tree provides us apples to eat for apple pies, applesauce and more3) The forest helps clean the water before it gets to the lake. The roots of the trees help slow the water4) What does brushing your teeth have to do with trees?? Toothpaste has cellulose from trees and the plastic in your tooth brush does too!!! It helps make the make toothpaste thick. Cellulose gum is used in toothpaste is made from wood pulp.2011_NACD_Forestry PosterContest_InfoQuestions: Contact Susa


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