ford - america's most durable and hardworking cars of 2016

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* All 2016 vehicles as of March 2016 By: Saagar ParikhAll information and photos found from Ford website and Google.


2016 Fiesta

Starting Price: $14,090Horsepower: 123Torque: 125 lb-ftTop Speed: 105 MPHMPG Highway: 43Available ModelsS SedanS HatchSE SedanSE HatchTitanium SedanTitanium HatchST

2016 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan

2016 FocusStarting Price: $17,225Horsepower: 252Torque: 270 lb-ftTop Speed: 165 MPHMPG Highway: 42

Available ModelsS SedanSE SedanSE HatchTitanium SedanTitanium HatchSTElectricRS

2016 Ford Focus ST

2016 FusionStarting Price: $22,260Horsepower: 240Torque: 270Top Speed: 155 MPHMPG Highway: 34 (Standard) 41 (Hybrid)Available ModelsSSEHybrid SHybrid SETitaniumHybrid Titanium Energi SEEnergi Titanium

2016 Ford Fusion S

2016 MustangStarting Price: $24,145 Horsepower: 526Torque: 429 ft-lbTop Speed: 186 MPHMPG Highway: 28

Available ModelsV6 FastbackEcoBoost FastbackV6 ConvertibleEcoBoost Premium FastbackGT FastbackEcoBoost Premium ConvertibleGT Premium FastbackGT Premium ConvertibleShelby GT350Shelby GT350R

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

2016 C-MaxStarting Price: $24,170Horsepower: 188Torque: 176 lb-ftTop Speed: 155 MPHMPG Highway: 37Available ModelsHybrid SEHybrid SELEnergi

2016 Ford C-Max Energi

2016 TaurusStarting Price: $27,110 Horsepower: 365Torque: 350 lb-ftTop Speed: 160 MPHMPG Highway: 27Available ModelsSESELLimitedSHO

2016 Ford Taurus SHO

Crossovers & SUVS

2016 EscapeStarting Price: $23,100Horsepower: 240Torque: 270 lb-ftTop Speed: 125 MPHMPG Highway: 31Available ModelsSSETitanium

2016 Ford Escape SE

2016 EdgeStarting Price: $28,700Horsepower: 245Torque: 275 lb-ftTop Speed: 135 MPHMPG Highway: 30Available ModelsSESELTitaniumSport

2016 Ford Edge SEL

2016 Flex

Starting Price: $29,600Horsepower: 365Torque: 350 lb-ftTop Speed: 123 MPHMPG Highway: 23 Available ModelsSESELLimited

2016 Ford Flex Limited

2016 ExplorerStarting Price: $31,050 Horsepower: 280 Torque: 310 lb-ftTop Speed: 125 MPHMPG Highway: 24Available ModelsExplorerXLTLimitedSportPlatinum

2016 Ford Explorer Limited

2016 ExpeditionStarting Price: $45,435 Horsepower: 365Torque: 420 lb-ftTop Speed: 113 MPHMPG Highway: 22Available ModelsXLTXLT ELLimitedLimited ELKing RanchPlatinumKing Ranch ELPlatinum EL

2016 Ford Expedition Limited

2016 Transit Connect WagonStarting Price: $24,825Horsepower: 178Torque: 184 lb-ftTop Speed: 109 MPHMPG Highway: 27Available ModelsXLT WagonXL WagonTitanium Wagon

2016 Ford Transit Connect XL Wagon

Trucks and Vans

2016 F-150Starting Price: $26,430Horsepower: 385Torque: 420 lb-ftTop Speed: 125 MPHMPG Highway: 23Available ModelsXLXLTLARIATKing RanchPlatinumLimited

2016 Ford F-150 Limited

2016 Transit

Starting Price: $30,960Horsepower: 173Torque: 184 lb-ftTop Speed: 97 MPHMPG Highway: 29Available ModelsVanWagon XLWagon XLT

2016 Ford Transit Van

2016 Transit Connect VanStarting Price: $22,676 Horsepower: 178Torque: 184 lb-ftTop Speed: 109 MPHMPG Highway: 29Available ModelsXL VanXLT VanXLT WagonXL WagonTitanium Wagon

2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT Van

2016 Super DutyStarting Price: $32,385Horsepower: 440Torque: 860 lb-ftTop Speed: 110 MPHMPG Highway: 15Available ModelsF-250 XLF-350 XLF-250 XLTF-350 XLTF-250 LariatF-350 LariatF-250 King RanchF-450 XLF-350 King RanchF-350 PlatinumF-250 PlatinumF-450 XLTF-450 LariatF-450 King RanchF-450 Platinum

2016 Ford Super Duty F-450 King Ranch