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  • 7/29/2019 For the Mind and Heart Separate


    Are the "mind" and the "heart" separate?

    Let's start by accepting that those who follow the "way" of the head or the

    heart are actually being distracted and turning from consciousness. If youwant to find the face you were born with, the trueyou, you cannot follow

    these "ways.So, that tells us that we must begin to witness both ways. We understand that

    the brain is associated with learning, logic, and analysis. It is the organ or

    vessel that makes life more complex by constantly asking "why?"

    The heart is considered the emotional vessel or organ. This means that itoperates blindly. For instance, some say that it is the head that gives us

    specific theologies while it is the heart that is devoted and prayerful.

    This perception tells us that they have a clear relationship. In a state of

    awareness, you can watch as the heart beats with emotion and the brain spins

    in thought. The key is to prevent either of these organs from becoming the

    master. Rather, you must travel through the head and the heart on the way to


    How is that possible? Consciousness lies behind the mind and the heart. Itcan use both in a harmonious way; in a way that neither the mind nor the

    heart can do independently. Example, cold reason cannot love

    unconditionally and, yet, a hearts unconditional love can be tragically blind.Separately neither brings truth nor balance. But a witnessing consciousness

    can allow you to harmonize both.

    It is meditation that can allow you to create a "synthesis" between the two.

    For instance, there is an old tale:

    A village had a blind beggar and a legless beggar. They were

    always competing for coins. One day there was a large fire in the

    town and both were in great danger of being killed. The blind

    man could not navigate through the chaos, and the legless man

    could not run. It was only by working together, with the blindman carrying the legless man guiding him, that both reached


    This is how you must join the heart and the head, and you must allow theheart (emotions) to lead the mind (thought). And, though you will witness

    both, it is always going to be your consciousness or spirit that is the higher

  • 7/29/2019 For the Mind and Heart Separate


    authority, the one that guides you through the dangerous fires of the

    world. Spirit referring to consciousness or personality.Obviously, this means that the reasoning mind has to be set aside. This is a

    tremendous challenge in the modern world. Why? Weve all seen that the

    emotions rule beneath a thin veneer of a justifying so-called, rational mind.It is the thing that leads to war, destruction, and turmoil.

    When your mind stops identifying (recall the tale of the old man with the

    burning house) you gain clarity. You watch and witness and the thoughts

    fade. By the same token, you must also watch the emotions, these responses

    to the thoughts. These too fade when observed and witnessed. All thatremains afterward is truth and consciousness.

    Naturally, it all begins with "silencing the mind.