For Solicitors Business Intelligence Presentation 2013 With Working Sample Report Based on a Fictitious firm of solicitors focused mainly on Personal Injury

Download For Solicitors Business Intelligence Presentation 2013 With Working Sample Report Based on a Fictitious firm of solicitors focused mainly on Personal Injury

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>for Solicitors Business Intelligence Presentation 2013 With Working Sample Report Based on a Fictitious firm of solicitors focused mainly on Personal Injury Clients Slide 2 Do accounts systems provide business intelligence reports? Yes, but its only one of your sources of data. Specialist tools edit faster and join data from other sources allowing for greater range of KPI analysis 10 BI market leaders Vs 1000s of accounts packages. Horses for Courses Business Intelligence for Solicitors Slide 3 Control Auto Checks and Balances Day to day &amp; Basic Reporting Tax &amp; Regulatory ADVANCED KPI REPORTING IS NOT A PRIORITY FOR YOUR ACCOUNTS PACKAGE Business Intelligence for Solicitors Main Roles of Accounts Systems Slide 4 Business Intelligence for Solicitors Screenshot of typical software that was created to join tables Link To Key Identical fields allows successful Joins Now Smaller Firms can use this technology Slide 5 Business Intelligence for Solicitors Large Corporates have lots of data to manage and need KPI reporting Data Warehouse Project Management Budget &amp; Procurement Human Resources Project Data Other Data Executive Manager Program Manger Admin Staff Filed Staff Public Information Slide 6 Why do SQL Query tools primarily exist? Multinationals needed to join tables from a variety of systems to one report. Query tools designed to manage Corporate Datawarehouses are now available to SMEs to join their data without the need for warehousing Business Intelligence for Solicitors EFFECT Slide 7 Business Intelligence for Solicitors By joining data from different sources you have new options when creating reports So what are your critical success factors and can we now measure them? Slide 8 What does information from an accounts system data reports often look like? Notice the 006 the in the left hand column It is not a value on each line and this creates difficulty when crunching data as it forces you to read it rather than automate summaries Problem Overcome using SQL Query Tools Business Intelligence for Solicitors Reporting Issue Example within Accounts Slide 9 Business Intelligence for Solicitors RESULT = FRESH REPORTING &amp; ANALYSIS USING LIVE REFRESH TEMPLATES Slide 10 Business Intelligence for Solicitors Examples of Relevant KPIs might be easier to understand It might be easier if you go to the bottom of the video link at Look for this page link Click on the Reporting Sample icon and print out the report contained The following slides are excerpts from that report Slide 11 Business Intelligence for Solicitors Objective Reason Graph It As much summary high level information on one page as you dare. Combine it with easily referenced drill downs Business unit managers in large corporate concerns have benefitted from business summary reports which are no longer than one page their regular reviews. Then research their concerns. KPIs should have some relationship to each other which may allow for seeing the Bridging relationship in an illustration / graph Slide 12 Business Intelligence for Solicitors Sample Business Summary KPI Report Slide 13 Business Intelligence for Solicitors Bridging Graphs from Sample Analysis Slide 14 Professional Indemnity Insurance Proposal Underwriters Love Info Ability to answer detailed Qs behind the return summary Assures third parties --You are in control of the numbers Get them access to more info and they will be ticking an extra box on your risk assessment Business Intelligence for Solicitors EFFECT Slide 15 Ability to Analyse give Third Party Confidence Business Intelligence for Solicitors Slide 16 There is no charge for our demonstrations so you can learn more about us with no commitment Business Intelligence for Solicitors Is Your Budget Limited Slide 17 Choosing a B I Strategy Business Intelligence for Solicitors You Have More Than One Option For a checklist on choosing a BI Strategy try downloading our Business Analysis PDF Document that lists many factors that you may want to consider on the website at Analysis.pdf A Linked Icon is available on the Video Page at www.far.ie Analysis.pdf Slide 18 To Help You Make Faster &amp; Better Decisions at a cost that makes sense Business Intelligence for Solicitors Our Goal We manage the output so you can benefit from no license or training fees Slide 19 If you think more analysis on your business would help you make better decisions then let us know Business Intelligence for Solicitors Contact Me 086 778 6008 Slide 20 Business Intelligence for Solicitors Thank you for your time. </p>