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A complete client engagement solution for all professional business advisers and consultants


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Are you a professional business adviser or consultant..?If the answer to the above question is Yes, then this short presentation is for you.

If the answer is No, then theres probably no point in going any further

Before moving on to the next slide, take a few moments to write down FIVE activities which are necessary for your consultancy or advisory business to be successful12345Did any of the following feature on your list..? Advertising / marketing your business and services Identifying and attracting new clients Managing clients and the client engagement process The ability to identify strengths & weaknesses in your clients business Identifying additional opportunities within your existing clients Managing projects and / or support programmes Producing Action Plans Preparing and presenting reports Managing / recording your time and expenses If any of the above activities featured on your list, then we can probably help you.Advertising & Marketing your businessAttracting new clientsAllowing new prospects to find & contact youLetting businesses conduct online assessmentsStructuring projects & client supportConducting reviews & analysis of clients businessEasily identifying strengths and weaknessesPreparing Action PlansProducing reportsManaging clients

SUPPORT4BUSINESSWeb Portal Benchmarking of client results Project management SWOT analysis Collaboration with other professionals Time & expense management Extended analysis and reporting Additional business assessments

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How do you find your next client..?Or how do they find you? Unless youre very lucky, you need a way of marketing yourself and your business to prospective clients. They need to know how to contact you and what you can do for them.

So how can you attract new clients and how do businesses in need of professional support find you?

The SUPPORT4BUSINESS web portal provides professional business advisers and consultants with a set of resources and tools to support all aspects of marketing and client engagement. The S4B website is promoted to business across the UK through: Google advertising BT Web clicks Social networking promotions Business networks Business press Email marketing campaignsGenerating new prospectsS4B marketing campaigns promoting advisory servicesSearch for Advisers dedicated page Visitors completing an online assessment are passed to an adviserThe SUPPORT4BUSINESS portal is marketed to businesses that would benefit from working with a business adviser.

Visitors may search for suitable advisers and contact them directly or complete an online assessment and then be put in contact with an adviser for an initial no obligation telephone conversationNB To avoid any particular adviser being favoured in a search, adviser details are listed in a random order which changes with each search

Marketing your services

Promotes your own services using personalised S4B linksLink to specialist assessments from your own web site with personalised link

As a subscriber you can choose to place the SUPPORT4BUSINESS logo on your website and link directly to any of our reviews.

The link uniquely indentifies you ensuring you receive email alerts whenever a new prospect or client registers or completes a review.

The link may also be inserted in emails and newsletters to support your own marketing campaigns How does it work..?We use a combination of online advertising, email marketing , business networks and media articles to drive business owners to the support4business web site

You can also add personalised support4business logos and links to your own website and / or marketing material

How does it work..?Business owners register their details and then complete a short online self assessment of their business using an industry recognised model based on years of research

How does it work..?After completing the online assessment, the business owner is immediately presented with a comprehensive report highlighting strengths and weaknesses within their business.

A copy of the report is also automatically made available to you and at the same time you receive all the contact details for your new prospect.

Click HERE for a sample reportHow does it work..?You can now contact your new prospect to talk through the report and make an appointment for a meeting during which youll discuss the strengths and weaknesses in more detail. Youre now in a great position to offer support to the business owner.

You effectively have a free appointment with a warm lead

How does it work..?Once youve converted your new prospect into a paying client you can use the adviser resources available through the support4business web portal to manage all aspects of the client engagement; conducting analysis, producing tailored reports and creating action plans.

You can add more clients and manage your entire portfolio

Adviser resources

SUPPORT4BUSINESS gives you so much more :

Access to 10 online business assessments

Action plans may be created for each assessment

Management and Analysis reports

All reports are available as fully editable Word documents or PDFs

Record and manage your client details

Create your own reviews / assessments

Personalise reports with your company logo

And moreHow does it work..?Business owners who need support can also search for an adviser based on their geographic location or expertise.

Each adviser is given their own personal web page (with unique URL) on which they can advertise their services.

Business owners can make direct contact with advisers without having to register their details or complete the online assessment.

Adviser dedicated web pageAdvisers have access to their own personal web page to promote their areas of skill and expertise.

Visitors may search for advisers by location and/or speciality.

Advisers who do not already have their own web site are supplied with a personalised address so that they can direct visitors straight to their own page. No need to create your own website Support4Business provides you with a dedicated and personalised shop window for your consultancy business.

SUPPORT4BUSINESS web portalThe complete solution for professional business advisers and consultants

How to subscribeSUPPORT4BUSINESS only accepts applications from business advisers who can demonstrate appropriate experience and / or accreditationSubscription to the SUPPORT4BUSINESS web portal is available to selected professional business advisers & consultants for just 600 per year.

Unlimited access to all marketing material, adviser resources and your own dedicated web page for a full 12 months.

Your subscription will pay for itself if you generate just one days of paid work** Based on typical day rate of 600 per dayClick on the logo to download the SUPPORT4BUSINESS application form


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