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PRESS RELEASE: Trade/Project Financier, Newport Global Group, LTD and CIG Capital (CIG CAP) to Fund USD 4.5 billion Development Project in Dallas, Texas

DALLAS, Texas, Aug. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Newport Global Group, LTD and CIG Capital (CIG CAP) gathered this weekend to showcase 9 development projects they will be funding in, and around, the Dallas, Texas area for a total of $4.5 billion, subject to certain adjustments. City officials joined the celebration in their support of the improvements that will be coming to the area. This will mark one of the largest, single investments in the Dallas community.

The projects that Newport Global Group, LTD and CIG Capital (CIG CAP) have agreed to fund include energy, healthcare, medical and community services, aviation, and housing. The devel-

opment will bring a projected 4,000+ jobs to the Dallas area. The groups met over a three day showcase event at the Omni hotel in downtown Dallas. Each development project presented their plan and calculated impact for Dallas. A formal meet and greet with Dal-las city officials was held; after which, all pro-posed development projects concluded with contract signing.

Powersite, C. Solar, and Select Fuels represent the energy projects included in the develop-ment. C. Solar will provide a solar energy source to power the entire development project, making it entirely self-sustaining. Select Fuels provides waste to energy solutions. While Power-site will be providing tomorrows power plant and energy exchange to the city of Dallas and surrounding areas.

Red Bird Vet and Community Project will directly impact the community by providing a com-munity sports complex facilities, outdoor recreational space, state of the art medical and healthcare services, hotels, housing complexes which include luxury apartments and pet-friend-ly condos with direct access to a luxury pet resort and surgical center, as well as various retail and restaurant spaces.

Glimpse Aviation, and SevenBar will operate out of the McKinney airport. SevenBar is a 70 year successful company and is the premier air medical provider in the nation; they will construct an operation base in the Dallas area. Glimpse Aviation offers private air charter services, FBO and will service all aviation aircrafts.

Trenton Uptown Development will transform the current Dallas skyline. They will be creating a multi-use skyscraper that combines condominiums, office and retail into one space. The build-ing will be designed and developed by world-renowned architects and developers.

Ground breaking is expected to begin this fall (2018), with an anticipated completion date of 2022. This landmark development brings unprecedented innovation to a single project. The scope and magnitude of this completed project will forever change the landscape and lives of the Dallas community.



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