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Foods to Avoid Before Boarding a Plane

You must Avoid anything that can cause excess gas to build up in your stomach whentraveling through International Flights . Besides the embarrassment of being gaseous you don't want to spend the flight feeling bloated.

2.Carbonated Soft Drinks

Soda can cause flatulence plus carbonated beverages with caffeine will both keep you from napping and lead to more trips to the air-planes toilet. the carbonation might also cause to bleach or get heartburn.


Eating garlic can cause bad breath. Halitosis in the tight quarters of a plane is not a nice thing to share with your seat mates. As garlic is absorbed into your bloodstream, it can cause body odor - again, something those sitting near you can do without.

4.French Fries

The smell of fries wafting from airport food stands might beckon, but the fats and oils in fried food can lead to a very uncomfortable flight. Food high in trans fats and salt can also lead to fluid retention, which in return can cause your feet to swell

5. Alcohol

You might want to claim your nerves by indulging at the airport bar, but alcohol can have a dehydrating effect. Since air plane air may also leave you dehydrated. You set yourself up for a double whammy plus a stiff drink or two can leave you with bad breath.

6. Cheeseburgers

A lot of people have difficulty digesting meat. Indulge in a burger at the airport, and you might find yourself spending the flight with digestive issues as your body tries to process the fat. Eating meat can also lead to unpleasant body odor as it stagnates in your digestive track.

7. Coffee

A lot of us like to grab a pick-me-up before a flight, but it's best to avoid doing so. Besides leaving you with coffee breath, a cup of not only can make you jittery and dehydrated but also can irritate your bladder, making you generally uncomfortable.

8. Hot Peppers

Spicy food can cause stomach discomfort and bladder irritation; it can also cause bad breath and leave your mouth burning. You don't want to deal with any of these things during a flight, so save the spicy treats for when you land.

9.Apples(And other Fruits)

Apples aren't easy to digest and like other fibrous fruits can leave you gassy. Avoid them before flying. Ditto orange juice. It's very acidic and likely to cause heartburn plus vitamin c can make you have to urinate more, meaning more treks up and down the air plane aisle.

10. Chewing Gum

Gum might stop your ears from popping but as you swallow more air gas builds up in your stomach which can make you feel bloated. Sugar in the gum can stimulate your bladder and artificial sweetener in the sugar-free stuff can cause flatulence.


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