Food Safety and Quality Management

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Food Safety and Quality Management


<p>Food Safety and Quality Management</p> <p>Food Safety and Quality ManagementIIA Alejandro Alvarez Soto</p> <p>Hi guys, I'll talking a few about what we, the food engineers, do in the food industry, in this case I'll talk about the safety and the quality food management.1</p> <p>The food engineering isn't only to develop or improve foods.the food engineering also is responsible to make that foods are safe and quality for the consumers.Do you know what are the safe foods?the safe foods are those ones which didn't cause risks to the consumers, risks like a diseases, choking or allergies.for this, exist many ways to achieve this purpose.</p> <p>2</p> <p>one of this ways is the HACCP system which means: Hazard analysis and critical control points.This is a food safety program developed in the 60s by the NASA and the pillsbury industry to provide safe foods for the astronauts in space missions.but, what is HACCP?</p> <p>before the HACCP, the food safety was measured until the foods was finished, with realizing an end testing.after, with this program the safety food moves away the reliance upon end testing of products and focuses in the production process.HAccp system allows manufacturers identify hazards that they could occur through the stages of production so that adequate measures can be implemented so they can be prevented.To implement a HACCP the industry needs a team that includes: technical managers, food engineers, microbiologists, supervisors and external specialist.The HACCP team identifies hazards which are likely to occur throughout the production process. once discovered all hazards, haccp team sets the critical points &amp; the control measures to decrease the food contamination risks during the process.</p> <p>3</p> <p>who and why should use a HACCP program?All food manufacturers should use the HACCP system to ensure the quality of his products and augment the sales and the number of satisfied consumers.In many countries, the HACCP is a legal requirement to the industries can be sell his products.In conclussion, today, the quality management in the food industry is an important tool to generate foods more safer for the consumers.4</p>