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<ul><li> 1. FOOD DESERTS SITE PLANNING RYAN DORSEY </li></ul> <p> 2. No grocery stores No farmers markets Surrounded by fast food, junk food, or food high in sugars and fats WHAT IS A FOOD DESERT? 3. HOW COMMON ARE FOOD DESERTS? 4. Site planner should consider distance of grocery store to current site project Failure to do so could end up in failure of sites success Could unintentionally hurt many people and tarnish reputation as a planner HOW DO FOOD DESERTS RELATE TO SITE PLANNING? 5. Can make people leave the area, possibly resulting in slums and/or abandoned towns or cities Can cause starvation, sickness, obesity Doesnt allow the people of community to live a healthy life HOW DO FOOD DESERTS AFFECT COMMUNITIES? 6. OBESITY IN U.S. ADULTS (2009) 7. Build more grocery stores Establish more farmers markets Have food stores bring and sell whole foods to large gathering areas (i.e. schools, sports games, work places, etc.) Build less fast food chains HOW CAN WE ELIMINATE THEM? 8. Gallagher, M. (2010). Usda defines food deserts. Retrieved from http://americannutritionas sda-defines-food-deserts Rosenberg, T. (2011, May 23). Oases of nutrition. Retrieved from http://opinionator.blogs.n food-deserts-oases-of- nutrition/?_r=0 Trimarchi, M. (2008, December 09). What's a food desert? Retrieved from http://science.howstuffwo een-science/food- desert.htm SOURCES </p>