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Food Containers. A bar of chocolate. A bar of chocolate. A bottle of water. A bottle of milk. A bowl of. A bowl of soup. A can. A can of cola. A cup of coffee. A cup of tea. A glass of water. A glass of milk. A loaf of bread. loa ves of bread. A packet of biscuits. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Food Containers

  • A bar of chocolate

  • A bar of chocolate

  • A bottle of water

  • A bottle of milk

  • A bowl of

  • A bowl of soup

  • A can

  • A can of cola

  • A cup of coffee

  • A cup of tea

  • A glass of water

  • A glass of milk

  • A loaf of bread

  • loaves of bread

  • A packet of biscuits

  • A packet of crisps

  • A piece of cake

  • A piece of cake

  • A slice of bread

  • A slice of pizza

  • A spoonful of sugar

  • A spoonful of salt

  • A stick of butter

  • A stick of gum

  • A kilo of apples

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