following an auto accident, what is the first thing to do

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  1. 1. Following An Auto Accident, What Is The First Thing To DoFollowing an auto accident, it is important that you hire a skilled and reputable car accidentlawyer. It does not matter whether the accident has been attributed to your fault or not.A majority of car accident injury attorneys are more than willing to take up your case oncontingency fee. What this means is that, the motorcycle injury attorney only gets paid whenyour settlement claim case is approved by a court of law. Since most attorneys do not chargefor initial consultation, you can consult as many attorneys as possible before settling for aparticular car accident lawyer.While heading for the consultation meeting with the attorney, it is crucial that you carry yourhospital bills, medical records, police reports, eye witness accounts and photos of the accident.You also need to prepare a set of questions to ask the accident lawyer. Listed below, are someof the questions to ask the accident lawyer during your initial meeting:Background and ExperienceListed below, are some of the questions to ask when trying to establish the background andexperience of the personal injury lawyer you are trying to hire:- How long have you practiced law? Experience is crucial when it comes to choosing a lawyer.It shows that the attorney is familiar with the current and previous laws used in your state inregards to car, motorcycle and big accidents.- Do you handle other cases, for example, divorce, workers compensation and DUI other thanauto accident? If so, how much of your practice is dedicated to auto accident?- Do you first opt for out-of-court settlement or prefer to take the case to full trial? What are thesuccess rates of the cases you have taken to full trial? Do you require your clients to be presentat the hearings?- How many cases such as mine have you handled in the past 12 months?- How many cases do you handle at any given time?- Do you hire support staff to help you with the cases? If so, what are the qualifications of yoursupport staff?- How do you keep abreast with the changes made to auto accident laws?Advice and Strategies
  2. 2. During the court proceedings, you will want to be kept abreast with the latest outcomes. Assuch, you need to ask the lawyer the following questions:- What are some of the strengths of my auto accident claim case? Are there any weaknessesthat may affect the outcome of the case?- Do you think the auto insurance company will approve the settlement claim soon?- Do you think that mediation is a good alternative or should we go for a full trial?- How long will it take to resolve the claim?