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Folleto para trabajos de ingles del estado de campeche, mexico


Fuerte de San JosMeet the strongholds that served to stop the famous legendary pirates as Francis Drake. Such is the case of the Fort of San Jose; It has an extraordinary museum that will transport you back in time to admire the replicas of ancient galleons and a collection of weapons that were used to defend Campeche from pirate attacks.

Fuerte de San MiguelThe fortification of the city was not only to contain pirate attacks. British expansionism in Latin precautions required in ports and construction of the Fort of San Miguel, reinforced the defense of Campeche. Visit the Museum of Maya art and enjoy from this point the incredible view of the Gulf of Mexico; where even the old cannons pointing out to sea are preserved.What to eat?

The benefits of hearty cuisine are reflected in its wide variety of dishes. To fill the flavors of the region we recommend dogfish bread, seafood cocktails, fried fish like pompano saw and pickled.

Campeche Tourism, you will like...!

Campeche CathedralIt is the most important religious building in the city; Square in front of her integrated by a pleasant garden and a central kiosk Constitution is located. Construction began with the Spanish conquest of Yucatan. Initially it was a small church that eventually underwent several renovations; Cathedral raising its rank in 1895 by papal orders.

Campeche MalecnStroll along the boardwalk in Campeche and feel the nice breeze of the winds of the gulf. She has a walker to get around on foot or by bike. Along the Malecon you will find some ideal seafood restaurants to sample the excellent cuisine of the region.Where you can go?Historic Center of CampecheThe area of historical monuments in the center of Campeche is fascinating. By visiting this area you will encounter numerous examples of Baroque religious architecture, great presence houses located in neighborhoods that retain their colorful design and the warmth of hearty people. The best way to know the center is walking so be prepared with some comfortable shoes

Land and Sea doorsTwo emblems of the great walls that protected the city, are the two gates that served as main entrances to Campeche. Puerta del Mar was the maritime customs; while the Puerta de Tierra allowed an effective defense. Regarding the latter, do not miss the sound and light show that narrates the stories and legends of Campeche. It comes from Thursday to Sunday from 8: OO pm.

Few cities have such a rich history and intense as Campeche. It was founded during the Spanish Colony and soon became the most important port in the Yucatan Peninsula.To protect it from pirate attacks continued, it was decided to wall it, making her one of the best fortified cities in America and the only one of its kind in MexicoUnesco has recognized the historical and cultural value of the city of Campeche declared it a World Heritage Site. We invite you to let yourself be seduced by the ancient temples, legendary bastions and mansions of Campeche capital.