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FOLK CULTURE & POPULAR CULTURE. TWO POLES OF A CONTINUUM. FOLK CULTURE Transmitted interpersonally Stable, conservative, traditionalist Based on idea of community (shared experience and mutual obligations) Clear-cut social roles, M/F division of labor Adapted to a particular environment. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • FOLK CULTURETransmitted interpersonallyStable, conservative, traditionalistBased on idea of community (shared experience and mutual obligations)Clear-cut social roles, M/F division of laborAdapted to a particular environment

    POPULAR CULTURETransmitted by media such as books & TVConstantly changing and innovatingBased on idea of society (specialized roles and interdependence, impersonal coordination)Flexible and vague social rolesNot adapted to any particular environment

  • Persistent elements of folk culture (slowly disappearing)ArchitectureVernacular regionsTraditional medicineMusic

    Vanishing elements of folk culture (quickly disappearing)FencesBarnsAgricultural techniquesDance

  • I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly. Michel de Montaigne

  • remnants of surviving folk culture in the U.S.

  • A vernacular region is a shared, traditional way of ordering experience, therefore, it is part of folk culturean especially interesting part for geographers.

  • Folk Culture includes traditional medicine. What are some ways folk culture medicine gets incorporated into popular culture?pharmaceutical companies discover and patent a compounda substance becomes popular for recreational useA technique like acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine gains mainstream acceptance

  • Diffusion of the RodeoReceptivity of : Mexicans, Canadians, Mormons?Who started it?

  • Diffusion of agricultural fairsWhat types of diffusion are operating here?

  • How is this vernacular architecture (folk architecture) suited to its environment? (house from Orchid Island, near Taiwan) readily available materials form responds to climate and weather patterns

  • What might be the reason for the forebay on Pennsylvania barns?

  • the dogtrot

  • What kinds of environmental adaptation can you identify?How else could you build a house to do the same thing?

  • What elements of the Quebec farmhouse respond to climate?Do any elements seem to respond more to social factors?

  • Why is the Buriat Mongolian yurt so similar to the Navajo hogan?

  • Pueblo ArchitectureNorthern New MexicoPre-Columbian condoSuited to dry climate with cold, sunny wintersstrong diurnal temp swingshorno bread oven

  • An adobe drive-through bank

  • Can folk culture be imposed by law?

  • Popular Culture Landscape:McDonalds in Moscow & Tokyo

  • Popular Culture

  • POPULAR CULTURETransmitted by media such as books & TVConstantly changing and innovatingBased on idea of society (specialized roles and interdependence, impersonal coordination)Flexible and vague social rolesNot adapted to any particular environment

  • Not a popular culture landscape

  • Popular culture is culture of consumption

  • The Strip (example of placelessness)

  • when you get to Finland will it look even more familiar than this?

  • You are what you consume!Aside from income and the need/desire to be fashionable, what else differs between the light and dark regions on this map?

  • Stars & FansFans from US and Japan hold a candlelight vigil outside Neverland Ranch, Thursday, April 29, 2004, in Los Olivos, Calif. the night before Michael Jackson is scheduled to appear at the Santa Maria court for arraignment on child molestation charges

  • the most popular show on earthseen in 140 countries32 languagespart of $60 bill. export marketunderstood as representative of Americans and American culturepopular with teens

  • changing attitudes about womens bodiesalso suggest changing attitudes about mens self-control and about desire itself!

  • Whats wrong with this picture?We have allowed this thing which will mark the country with sin for a long time(Phra Thep Dilok, Head of National Center for Buddhism Promotion in Thailand)

  • Morality in ThailandThere are approximately 130,000 prostitutes in Thailand

    about 12,000 are childrenprostitution is legalprostitution in Thailand is described as early as the 16th centuryprostitution is part of the local culture (many brothels cater specifically to locals and Asians)

  • Religious DesecrationWhat was the problem with the beauty pageant? The Buddhist Temple of Dawn is in the backgroundPhotographing of Miss Universe contestants in front of this sacred place was seen as a desecration of the site and a sign of disrespect to Buddhism

  • Dont forget sports!which seems closer to folk culture: participatory or spectator sports?

  • Does the culture of consumption inevitably lead to this

  • this

  • and this?

  • Popular or folk culture?its always a matter of degreea point on the continuumpopular culture challenges folk culturepopular culture undermines folk culturepopular culture appropriates elements of folk culturepopular culture markets elements of folk culture


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