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with the passage of time, pollution increases in our country


  • 1. Soil pollution:-The process of reducing the fertility of soilis called soil pollutionCauses of soil pollution:-PollutedwaterseepageEffects:- soil erosion loss of soil fertilityPrevention:- Air &water pollution should bestopped to check soil pollution. Over use of fertilizer & pesticidesshould be checked. Medical waste should be detoxifiedbefore disposal. Non-biodegradable garbage shouldbe dumped in sanitary landfill.Noise pollution:-The presence of loud noise in the air iscalled sound or noise pollutionCauses of noise pollution:-GeneratorsEffects:-Mental fatigueRisk of deafPrevention:-Industries, railway station, airport shouldbe away from human settlement.Soundless machines can be used.Ban on loud music.Building must be sound proof.Earplugs can be used.Published by:-Kirandeep Kaur WaliaL-2k7-Hsc-18-BIVFertilizersIndustrialwasteDomesticwasteAcid rainLoud musicFactorymachinesRailwaystations &airportsBlowing hornsof vehiclesLoud speakersConstructionworkcrackers

2. IndustrialwastePesticidesOil heavymetalSiltsewageOrganicwastedetergentEnvironment:-means the sumof all living and non-living thingsthat surround an organism, orgroup of organisms. A variety ofenvironmental problems nowaffect our entire world andpollution is the major.Pollution:-it refers to all theways that human activity harmsthe natural environment. Itdefined as an undesirablechange in the physical, chemicalor biological characteristics ofour air, water & land that mayharmfully affect human life &other species also.Types of pollution:-Air pollution:-It is the contamination of the air bysubstances such as fuel exhaust &smoke.Causes of air pollution:-IndustrialeffluentsSmokingfromburningpesticidesEffects:-Acid rain which damage crops, building&sculptural.Harmful gases cause headache, dizziness,skin allergies, breathing problems.Prevention:-Alternate energy sources should be usedlike CNG& solar energy in vehicles.Pollution industries should not beallowed near cities.Tree plantation should encourage.Open burning of garbage should beavoided.Water pollution:-The contamination of water sources byharmful waste, sewage, toxic chemical, oilsetc is called water pollution.Causes of water pollution:-Effects :-Borne diseases-jaundice, cholera, typhoidetc.Plants & fishes also die in polluted water.Prevention:-Domestic waste should be treated releasingthe residue.Industries should install treatment plant ofwaste management.Overuse of pesticides& chemical fertilizershould be stopped.Bacteria purification plants should be used.causespesticidesCigarettesmokingAutomobileexhaustCrackersRadioactiveelementsGarbageAirpollutionTypes ofpollutionWaterpollutionNoisepollutionSoilpollution