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  1. 1. SCHOOLOFARCHITECTURE,BUILDINGANDDESIGN FOUNDATIONINNATURALANDBUILTENVIRONMENTS Groupsession:Monday(4pm6pm) Members: StudentID AbdulQayyum 0320220 YeoKaiWen 0319844 CynthiaFong 0320499 TanMingHowe 0320199 LeeJiaKiam 0320029 NurafiqahZariful 0321196 SUBJECT:SocialPsychology LECTURER :Mr.ShankarThiruchelvam SUBMISSIONDATE :8thJune2015
  2. 2. Index No Content Page 1. Acknowledgement 2 2. Introduction 3 3. Method: i.Apparatus/Materials ii.Procedure 4 4. Discussion: i.ConceptandDefinition ii.StoryboardandDesign iii.ApplicationandAnalysis 513 5. 6. Appendix References 1415 16 1
  3. 3. 1. Acknowledgement First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to our Social Psychology lecturer, Mr. Shankar for his guidance throughout the semester. We get to understand the objective and concepts in the chapters. We would like to expand our sincere regards to our members that were involved in this assignment for cooperating together. Not to mention, we would like to thank our membersfortheircontribution. On the other hand, we would like to thank Tan Ming Howe for directing and editing the video. Also, we would like to thank Nurafiqah Zariful for writing the storyline. This assignment would not be complete without the effort and cooperation from our other groupmembers,CynthiaFong,LeeJiaKiamandYeoKaiWen. Last but not least, Mr T. Shankar, our lecturer, we sincerely thank him for the guidance, advice and time that gives us a good understanding of the concepts and being able to apply them in ourassignments. 2
  4. 4. 2.Introduction Whatispsychology?Itisastudyofmindandbehaviorbeing donesciencetifically.Inthissocialpsychologyresearchproject, ourmainobjectiveistoconductasimpleexperimenttowardsthe conceptofpsychologyinreallife. Thispsychologyresearchprojectisdividedintothreeparts,the videoclip,writtenreportofthevideoclipandthepresentation slide.Forthisproject,wearerequiredtocreatevideoclipusinga storylineusing5conceptsfrompsychology. Thisprojectwillhelpstudentstoimproveinanalyzingdataandto learnandunderstandtheconnectionbetweenthepsychology theoryconceptsafterwewereinvolvedinmakingofthevideo clip.Thus,helpingthestudenttobeabletoengageinpsychology conceptsandunderstandmoreoftheconcepts. 3
  5. 5. 3.Method i.Apparatus/Materials Wewantedarealisticfeeltothewholevideo,sowedecidedtogo withastorylinethatwecouldallrelateto,afeelingthatwewere allfamiliarwith.Aftersomethoughtanddiscussionwecompleted thestoryboard. Belowisthelistofmaterialsused: FilmingEquipment: DSLRCanon550D Tripod Mobilephoneasarecorderforvoiceovers RodeMicrophone VideoEditing: FinalCutPro AnythingtoMp3.com Youtube Props: Rayban PaperRubbish Laptop GradePaper Tablet CellPhone 4
  6. 6. ii.Procedure 11thMay2015:Firstmeetingwithallofthegroupmembers. Duringthismeeting,everyonecameoutwiththeirstories withconcepts.Wecameupwithsomeideasoftheconcepts andstorylinetobechosen.Themeetingendedafterwehad finalizedourstoryline. 25thMay2015:Secondmeetingwasheldtoberefinethe ideasoftheconceptstobeusedinthevideo.Wediscussed aboutthescriptforthevideoandconfirmedthedate,time andvenueforthefilmingthevideo. 3rdJune2015:Thedayofvideofilming.Wefilmedour videoatafternoonfrom12pmto3:45pmatTaylors UniversityLakesideCampus.Lateron,wediscussedabout ourreportandmeetingended. Participants: Everyonewereparticipatedinthisassignmentproject. Onthefilmingday: Tosetupourvideo,wefilmedourvideoinTaylorsUniversity LakesideCampus,SubangJaya.Wefilmedourvideoatchosen venuewhichare AclassroomatBlockE,level6. OpenspacenearbyelevatoratBlockE,level6. OpenspaceatBlockD,level2. 5
  7. 7. Timing: Weseparatedthevideointothreesegmentstofilmupin3 differentscenes.Theatmosphereinthevideowhichwasgood duetothenaturallighting. Roledelegation: Thisassignmenthassomecomponentsthatneededinputevery memberstobeinthisvideo.Wediscussedandsettledtheperson whoisinchargeforeachsection.Everyonewasrequiredtoput effortonthisassignment. Belowisourtabledelegationsystem: Member OverallContext VideoContext AbdulQayyum Manpowerand presenter Brotherofmain character YeoKaiWen Presenter Supportingrole CynthiaFong Mainreportwriter Supportingrole TanMingHowe Videographerandvideo editor Bystander LeeJiaKiam Manpowerandassistant Supportingrole NurafiqahZariful Mainslidemaker Maincharacter 6
  8. 8. 3.Discussion i.ConceptandDefinition Social interaction is defined as the way people talk and act with each other and various structures in the society. It may include the interaction a family has together, for instance, eating, sleeping or even living together or bureaucracies that are formed out of theneedtocreateorderwithintheinteractionitself. Our main theme, social interaction can somehow result the four other concepts, optimistic bias, hostile aggression, bystander effect and extrinsic motivation. These four are traits of human psychology that are portrayed and explained in the context of both our video and our presentation slides, and also further backed up by written analysis and study through this report and presented throughslidesforfurtherunderstanding. 7
  9. 9. ii.StoryboardDesign Starting off having 4 storylines that have been prepared by one of the member through paper and pen, which consists of stories about Smoking, A guy in love with a girl, A girl looking for a job & A group assignment. After discussing of which storyline are more necessary for us to make it into a video, all members agreed to choose A group assignment as our storyboard, that can involve all ofthememberstoparticipateinthevideo. Beforeproceedingtofilmthevideo: Weanalyzedthestorylinetomakeitneatandclearerto understand. Dividedtherolesforeachmembersforwhatisnecessary. Danielhaddrewavisualstoryboardthatwouldmakean easierreferenceforotherstounderstandtheconcepts. iii.ApplicationandAnalysis Our video is a continuous video for about 3 minutes, showing and consisting of five different concepts as mentioned before. Below is an indepth analysis of each scene and how each concept applies respectively through screenshots of the video taken and relevant explanation. 8
  10. 10. 1. SocialInteraction: Scene Description: Cynthia, Jia Kiam and Kai Wen were in a group meeting, discussing about their assignment only realizing anothermemberoftheirteamhasnotarrived. Concept Definition: As explained before, social interaction is the way people talk and act with each other, in this case, a group discussion. Explanation: Social interaction is a rather vast concept to talk about. It may overlap with other disciplines like sociology, personality psychology and cognitive psychology. It is also the foundation of society. Without interaction, there would be no grouplife. Application: Cynthia, Jia Kiam and Carmen are doing their group assignment and realized that one of their group member, Afiqah has not arrived yet, in fact, Afiqah was half an hour late. Instead ofjoiningthediscussion,shewasonherphonethewholetime. 9
  11. 11. 2.OptimisticBias Scene Description: Minutes before the lecturer is about to return the assignment and the they would know their grades, Jia Kiam, Kai Wen and Cynthia had high expectations on their results. They expectedthattheywouldatleastscoreaB. Concept Definition: It is commonly defined as the mistaken belief that ones chances of experiencing a negative event are lower thanthatofonespeers. Explanation: It is also known as unrealistic or comparative optimism and is a cognitive bias that causes a person to believe that they are less at risk of experiencing a negative event. Like how Cynthia said that she expected the grade to get an A and to be the best in class even though she knows that Afiqah did not contributetothegroup. Application: As the lecturer place their assignment on the table, a Ccanbeseenattherighttopofthepaper. 10
  12. 12. 3.HostileAggression Scene Description: Afiqah was the reason why C was their grade and Kai Wen, Jia Kiam and Cynthia plan to plot a revenge. Kai Wendecidedthattheyboycotther. Concept Definition: Hostile aggression is a form of behavior directed towards the goal of harming or injuring or inflicting damageuponanotherindividualwhoismotivatedtoavoidit. Explanation:Itisimpulsiveandaratherintentionaluseofharmful behavior.Thegoalistohurttothevictimorperson. Application: Since they think Afiqah was the reason why they did not score with flying colors, they decided to boycott her. In the video,wecanseethatAfiqahisalone. 11
  13. 13. 4.BystanderEffect Scene Description: Instead of only boycotting Afiqah, Cynthia, Jia Kiam and Kai Wen even bullied her by throwing rubbish at her hopingtohurthermentally. Concept Definition: The bystander effect occurs when the presence of others discourages an individual from intervening in anemergencysituation. Explanation: A person who is present at an event or incident but doesnottakepart,likeanignorantpasserby. Application: Daniel, being the bystander, saw what happened and instead of stopping them from throwing rubbish at her, he just lookedwhatishappening. 12
  14. 14. 5.ExtrinsicMotivation Scene Description: Afiqah called her brother, Qayyum to comfort herbecauseshewasboyco