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  2. 2. Group Members PANG KAI YUN SAM WEI YIN NG HUOY MIIN TRACE GEW YEE LIEW POH KA LEE KAILYN LEE SHZE HWA YEO KAI WEN 0319802 0320364 0319097 0320369 0320424 0320273 0320053 0319844
  3. 3. Description of the Furniture Trade in Malaysia
  4. 4. History of Furniture
  5. 5. Undergone dynamic transformation 2,400 furniture companies One of Malaysias biggest revenue earners Offers a rich variety of options Quality designs that suit the lifestyle and taste of different generations Adopting green manufacturing methods Incorporate sustainable and chemical free fabrics fibres Penetrating high end applications Trade in MAlaysia
  7. 7. Heng Furnishing The Curiousity Shop VS (Penang) (Kuala Lumpur)
  8. 8. Heng Furnishing Location 23-E Mk13, Jalan Ayer Itam, 1500, Penang
  9. 9. Heng Furnishing Found in 1973 (42 years) Founder Yeoh Hun Beng Named after the owner Demand from the locals Passed his business to his son, Yeoh Tze Xiang
  10. 10. DESCRIPTION Home base One branch 4 employees (locals) Opens daily from 9am to 9pm Customers People who live nearby Average 30 customers in 1 day Depends on festive seasons Annual revenue figure of roughly RM 800,000.00
  11. 11. Main product and services sold Ready made furniture Interior decoration Monopolize the mattress because his father is interested in mattress Future plan
  12. 12. Sofa Rectangle Dining Table
  13. 13. Round Dining Table Bed
  14. 14. Mattress Cupboard
  15. 15. The Curiousity Shop No.134, Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. Location
  16. 16. The Curiousity Shop Founded in 2005 (10 years) Founder Danny Ho and his co-partner Started this business with their hobby Name the shop as ''The Curiousity Shop'' because they want the customer to be surprise when they walk into the shop. When there is a surprise, they will be curious
  17. 17. DESCRIPTION Commercial base One branch 2 employees (locals) Warehouse (Sungai Besi) Opens from 10am to 10pm daily Customer Regular customers Designer, developers and restaurants owner Depends on festive seasons Break-even condition
  18. 18. Main product and services sold Vintage furniture Decorative objects, lighting, collectable item, painting and fabric Provide different services to their customers such as restoration, recreate, redesign, interior design, mass production, rental and consignment Future plan Hope to build a better and stronger team
  19. 19. Lighting Collectable Item
  20. 20. Decorative Objects Painting
  21. 21. Wooden Racker Sofa
  22. 22. Competitors of Heng Furnishing
  23. 23. Heng Furnishing Kingkoil Corporation Sdn Bhd Incorporate in 1983 The leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality sleep related products in Malaysia Services a network of over 2,000 furniture dealers, interior decorators, hospitals, hostels and hotel chains in addition to the export market VS
  24. 24. Newton Furnishing & Interior Located in Jalan Air Itam Produced office furniture Services include furniture dealers and retail Heng Furnishing VS
  25. 25. Dekea Furniture Design Centre Located in Jalan Air Itam Modern furniture and provide interior design Heng Furnishing VS
  27. 27. Pricing Service and product different Reasonable and affordable Provides standard service that every furniture shop has such as delivery service Provide interior design for customers Strategy Employed
  28. 28. Strategy Employed Quality of Service Advertising Provides very good quality service Owner very friendly Workers will communicate with customers and understand their needs and provide advices for customer Facebook page and official website Overview of the company Description of their product
  29. 29. Competitors OF tHE CURIOUSITY SHOP
  30. 30. The Curiousity Shop Stanzo Collection Stanzo is an Italian term, which literally means rooms Retailer Scandinavian design and Zen style furniture Contemporary lighting VS
  31. 31. Harvey Norman Australia company A giant provider of a wide range of Electrical, Computers, Furniture and Bedding products Prominent international presence Stresses on 4-in-1 concept The Curiousity Shop VS
  32. 32. Stoolicious Located at the lower ground floor of 1 Mont Kiara Sells all sort of colourful stool, from adult stools to baby stools Baby chair, coffee table, trolley and corner rack The Curiousity Shop VS
  34. 34. Pricing Service and product different Reasonable comparing to others furniture shop that sell vintage furniture Provides a lot of service such as as restoration recreate, redesign, interior design, mass production, rental and consignment to customers Decorative objects, lighting, collectable item, painting and fabric Strategy Employed
  35. 35. Strategy Employed Quality of Service Advertising Provides excellent quality service. The owner and his partner treat their customer with respect with interacting with them in a friendly way Listen and understand what their customers want and need Facebook page and official website Uses facebook to interact with their followers. They will create special events and limited-time promotions and invite their followers, and it helps them to grow their fan base
  36. 36. Comparative Summary (Difference)
  37. 37. Difference Heng Furnishing Differences The Curiousity Shop 1973 When it was founded 2005 Yeoh Hun Beng Founder Danny Ho 1 Number of Founder 2 Demand of local What prompted to start this business Hobby Heng Furnishing is located in a double storey building at Jalan Ayer Itam, Penang Location The Curiousity Shop is located in a commercial building at Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur Eight hundred thousand RM 800 000 Annual Revenue Figure Break even
  38. 38. Heng Furnishing Differences The Curiousity Shop 0 Number of warehouse 1, at Sungai Besi near HELP University 4 Number of employees 2 Around 30 Number of customer - People live nearby Who are the customers Designer, developers and restaurants owner 6 Number of competitor 3 9am-9pm Business Hour 9am-7pm Difference
  39. 39. Heng Furnishing Differences The Curiousity Shop Mattress Future Plan Build a strong team Modern furniture Type of Product Vintage furniture, decorative objects, lighting, collectable item, painting and fabric Services and quality Strategy Different product and services Home base Business Operation Commercial Difference
  40. 40. Comparative Summary (Similarity)
  41. 41. Similarity Heng Furnishing Similarities The Curiosity Shop 0 Number of branches 0 Furniture Main Product Sold Furniture Lead by the owner Leader Lead by the owner Depends on season Best Seller Depends on season
  42. 42. CONCLUSION Heng Furnishing more commercially successful Established earlier Long-term customers who live nearby Sell modern furniture Longer business hour Pricing is reasonable
  43. 43. Obstacle faced by new business Publicity Customers Location
  44. 44. Nature of the Market Perfect competitive No barriers to entry New firms can enter and exit the market freely No pricing power
  45. 45. RecommendatioN
  46. 46. Heng Furnishing Provide private parking for the customers - No parking at the roadside - Parking in front of the shop is always full - Prepare private parking
  47. 47. - Walkway is very narrow the shop is full of furniture - The shops look very messy because there is too many furniture inside and it is not organize - The signboard of the shop is quite small and hardly visible - Expand their shop so they can display their furniture neat and tidy Heng Furnishing Expand their shop
  48. 48. The Curiousity Shop Do more advertising about the shop. - Located at a corner inside of the highest floor of the shopping mall - Exposure of the shop is very low - Lack of advertisement and publicity - Very few people in the shopping mall - Advertising and publicity can be taken another further step through mass media such as newspaper and television
  49. 49. The Curiousity Shop Rearrange all product based on categories. - Does not arrange their furniture properly - Looks very messy and unorganized - Hard for the customers that are searching for the specific category - Arrange all the products based on categories. - This will make the shop look tidy and neat - Easier for the customer to search the products they are looking for
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