FMP Update to the Congregation Sunday July 20 and 27, 2014

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FMP Update to the Congregation Sunday July 20 and 27, 2014. Meeting AGENDA. Summary of the phases Current status Schedule for Phase 1 construction Sanctuary schedule Lower narthex bathrooms schedule Expenditures and Funding. Architect and Contractors. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation FMP Update to the CongregationSunday July 20 and 27, 2014Meeting AGENDASummary of the phasesCurrent statusSchedule for Phase 1 constructionSanctuary scheduleLower narthex bathrooms scheduleExpenditures and Funding Architect and ContractorsArchitect: John Faile (Bay Village, Ohio)General Contractor: Lawler ConstructionLighting Contractor: Vincent LightingTechnology Contractors: Jeff Frey, NPIFacility Modernization ProgramTeam Members Grant Comnick Doug Olson Jan Saunders John Cuciak Pr. Bishop Phil Sprague Charlie Koch Barb Raynoha Ron Kear Craig Jagels Jeff FreyWhat does Phase 1 include?Sanctuary upgrades:Expanded platformTwo large screen TVsSound systemLighting, white wall upgradesUpper window blinds, window film ChairsEmergency exit platform (courtyard)And more on next slideWhat does Phase 1 include?(contd)Narthex improvements:Lower bathroom upgradesNarthex air conditioningNarthex lighting upgradesFireplace upgradeFire system replacementParking lot lighting upgradeElectrical upgradeCurrent Phase 1 StatusDesign decisions are completed for:Sanctuary crossSanctuary platformSanctuary large screen TVsSanctuary white wall upgradesSanctuary chairsSanctuary lighting upgradesLower narthex bathroomsNarthex air conditioningNarthex fireplace upgradeConstruction schedulePhase 1Sanctuary work will be a two-week period, with completion by August 31.We will worship in the Fellowship Hall during that time period.Upgrade of lower narthex bathrooms will be a two-week project, completion by August 31.Whats next (beyond Phase 1)Improvements in:Education WingAdministration WingFellowship Hall & KitchenDeferred Items from Phase 1FMP Project ExpendituresTOTALS$700,000 $300,000 for What's Next in 2015 and 2016$400,000 $290,000 remaining expenses for Phase 1Sanctuary, Narthex, Fire System$110,000 $110,000 Spent to-date on Phase 1FMP Total FundingTOTALS$700,000 $233,000 still needed in pledges for ALL 3 phases$51,000 needed in 2014 for phase 1 $467,000 $103,000 pledged for 2015,2016$364,000 $67,000 additional pledged by end of 2014$297,000 $297,000 received to date, includingBuilding Fund, Calvary Income and 2014 Pledged, Received to Date66% of the funds are committed for this entire project.87% of the funds are committed for Phase 1.Thank you.Phase 1 Funding Summary87% ($349,000) of funds are committed for Phase 1.$51,000 are still needed for Phase 1 this year.We have two options:Additional Pledges in 2014Borrow the funds in 2014Thank you for your prayerful consideration in 2014.Total FMP Funding Summary66% ($467,000) committed for the total project.$233,000 (including $51,000 Phase 1) are still needed for the entire project.Thank you for your prayerful consideration for the remainder of the project as well.