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    PARIS Moisson 2014PARIS Moisson 2014--20152015

    Develop your passion Develop your passion

    for horse riding whilefor horse riding while

    benefiting from abenefiting from a

    quality educationquality education

    fm sports academiesfm sports academies


    Franois MANUEL

    The Director of FM Sports Academy

    Franois MANUEL is a former tennis player (-2/6), state qualified

    tennis coach, holding a master in econometrics in France. He was

    awarded a scholarship to an American University, and created this

    atypical organization 24 years ago to give young people the oppor-

    tunity to practice their chosen sport each day, while being able to

    study in a traditional and serious way.


    Education through sportEducation through sport

    Philippa DRALETPhilippa DRALET Administrative DirectorAdministrative Director

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    Values Transmitted through Sports:

    Respect, Solidarity, Work and helping others

    The main idea behind FM Horse Riding Academy is to offer each student the possibility of

    continuing their passion for Horse Riding alongside quality secondary school teaching.

    The aim is for our students to get to the top of their game whatever that level could be

    (champion in a club or professional player) and to succeed academically.

    This will allow them to choose their career according to their level and their wishes, we are

    there to guide them (via group meetings or individual coaching) in their future orientation

    towards what will suit them best in the sporting field or elsewhere.

    To optimize their sporting skills and ensure academic success, we follow our students very

    closely throughout the year, always listening to them and simultaneously ensuring good

    discipline in the school.

    All this is thanks to our excellent team of men and women, who know how to pass on their

    knowledge, experience and enjoyment.

    For the past 20 years we have been using the CNED system (NATIONAL CENTRE FOR DIS-

    TANCE LEARNING, which is part of the French educational system) and our own teaching team.

    This choice allows us to have maximum flexility in order to fit the sports training and our

    trips abroad, and to provide a very personalized service to our students as it allows us to

    detect gaps in knowledge and overcome them, thus giving confidence to the students and to

    advance faster in the program if need be.

    Our sports coaches are responsible for optimizing the level of our students by precise

    technical and physical work while promoting fun in playing.

    Our boarding house can accommodate students who are not from the area (outside Paris or

    abroad) in a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year with permanent supervision during the

    week and for those who wish for the weekend as well.

    To my knowledge, we are the only sports academy in France to include in its curriculum six

    weeks abroad. This is an extraordinary opportunity for our students in terms of language lear-

    ning, knowledge of the Spanish and English games, and maturity.

    Moisson :

    A quiet and

    green region

    only 45 min.

    from Paris!

  • FM SPORTS TUDES 01 39 71 12 12

    Our advantages :

    Small classes : maximum 8 students per


    A team of teachers specialized in tuto-

    ring and individualized support for your

    child, according to his specific needs,

    gaps of knowledge, and projects.

    The French National Education cur-

    riculum with the CNED : NATIONAL

    CENTRE FOR DISTANCE LEARNING, public institution recognized by the Mi-

    nistry of National Education (your child

    remains in the "classical" curriculum).

    Thus your child receives all the neces-

    sary school materials at the beginning

    of the year, thanks to a set of booklets

    and online help, extremely well-designed

    by the CNED.

    A timetable is given to students and

    parents which is methodical, specific and

    perfectly adapted to their day and to the

    preparation of end of year exams

    An orientation coaching is given by the


    FM Sports looks after all administra-

    tion for the CNED and exam enrol-


    Homework study four times a week

    supervised and with help on hand allows

    your child to work in optimal conditions.

    Mother tongue language teachers

    teach English and Spanish.

    All our students aim for the Baccalau-


    Workshop and conferences are orga-

    nized throughout the year in order to

    enrich the school program.

    eg : This year, the workshop learn how to learn shows students method in their personal work: orga-

    nization, anticipation and action are the key the-


    Teaching staff are above all men and women that have a flair for working in close contact,

    and for sharing their own knowledge and experience.

    Our Anglo-Saxon approach to teaching enables us to achieve spectacular results concerning

    the students own motivation.

    Our qualified teachers have various backgrounds: some are specialized in teaching or private

    teaching; others have graduated with the CAPES and teach in high schools. Others come

    from business or engineering schools or universities, or have become teachers after working

    in the business world.

    Our language teachers, who are English or Spanish mother tongue speakers, focus on oral

    skills and use their own language 90% of the time during the classes. The best way to deve-

    lop your childs ear!


    From Monday to Friday :

    1st session 8h30-10h25 2nd session 10h40-12h30

    Wednesday :

    1st session 14h-15h50 2nd session 16h05-18h


    An Anglo-Saxon approach of teaching

    F M S P OR T S A C A D E M Y : i n d i v i d u al a t t en -

    t i o n w i t h f o c u s


    From 6me to Terminale (S, ES, STMG)From 6me to Terminale (S, ES, STMG)


    three weeks in ireland and spain


    Education, Awakening and General KnowledgeEducation, Awakening and General Knowledge

    B A S I C D AY T I M E S C H E D U L E

    These include: Mental coaching for our students Individual and group meetings on school guidance in high school TPEs prepared during a semester, by pairs of students, on a subject they have chosen and

    presented in front of a jury Trips of 3 weeks to Spain and England

    These trips are integrated into FM Sports

    Studies program.

    They aim to:

    Significantly improve the ease and confidence in both English and Spa-nish.

    Discover Spanish and English Horse Riding through local coaches: their techniques, their approaches, diffe-rent and complementary tactics to our French training.

    To develop maturity

    TRAVEL :

    The return journey is included in the price

    and is organized by FM Sports, as well as the

    travel on site which can be done by private

    car or bus.


    Students have full board accommodation in a

    host family (a high school student or two

    college students per family). Meals are taken

    with the family, except for lunches, taken as a

    packed lunch.


    Language courses - 2 to 3 hours - are held

    each morning, from Monday to Friday.


    Hours of supervised study are also included

    in the program so as to follow a precise work

    schedule, set up by teachers and FM Sports


    SPORT :

    2 hours-long Horse Riding training take pla-

    ce every afternoon from Monday to Friday in

    an English or Spanish club, with local coa-



    Week ends are dedicated to visits and/or

    moments with host families.

    The stay is supervised by an FM Sports Stu-

    dies team, 24hrs/24 and 7 days a week.


    The trips take place during the school year

    and are compulsory.

    You will receive all necessary information,

    three weeks before departure (airline tickets,

    contact of the host family, etc..).

    Your child must be in possession of a pass-

    port or valid identity card.

    Note: Students in 12th grade will only have

    one trip abroad as they will be revising for

    06h30 Wake up call 14h00 17h00 Sports training

    06h45 07h05 Running/stretching 17h00 18h00 Snack / Shower /

    Free time

    07h10 07h30 Shower Supervised homework

    studies 18h00 19h30

    19h30 20h00 7h30 08h00 Breakfast

    08h30 10h20 1st class session 19h30 20h00 Dinner

    10h35 12h30 2nd class session 20h00 22h00 Free time or supervi-

    sed studies

    12h30 13h00 Lunch 22h00 Bedtime

    13h00 13h45 Nap time 22h30 Lights out

    F M S po r t s Mo i ss o n s A d v a nt ag e s