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  • 1. passenger By 2015experience BUYING BEHAVIOUR FOR TRAVEL SERVICES2015 WILL HAVE CHANGED 74% Today, of passengers book 70% through airline websites of airline executives 89% believe that 61% ning mobile apps will Good mor y be an equally jo John, en tary dominant sales en complim with of airlines will channel es beverag fasts sell tickets via all break of passengers mobile apps rport in the ai day want more by 2015 to lounge personalization before engaging By 2015 more with mobile commerce SELF SERVICE WILL HAVE COME OF AGE 70% passengers carry a smartphone now +50% 40% 91% Today, 40% more 90% 31% passengers are using mobile Over 50% of airports/airlines boarding have plans to implement transfer compared and self-boarding kiosks to 2010 By 2015, 90% of airlines will offer mobile check-in of airlines believe that mobile apps and social media will become aBy 2015 dominate customer service channel 9 out of 10 passengers 62% want ight status info on mobiles, self-boardingPASSENGER of passengers are and transfer kiosksINTERACTION FOR active on social media todayCUSTOMER SERVICESWILL BE BOTHMOBILE AND SOCIAL By 2015 GO TO GATE 12 GO TO YOUR FLIGHT NO.654 WILL GATE LEAVE FROM GATE 10 12 70% 58% THE INDUSTRY WILL HAVE HIGHER QUALITY of airlines of airports will implement ight status BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE updates via social media 89% of passengers want mobile ght updates, only 65% do via social media 80% 53% of airlines will be sharing data with airports of airports will be 55% sharing data with airlines 80% of airports/airlines will of passengers say invest in business intelligence solutions in NO to sharing personal data the next 3 yearsSource: SITAs IT Trends Surveys. For more information visit