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  • Sample papers

    Young LearnersYoung Learners English Tests (YLE)


    UCLES 2014 | CE/2063c/4Y01

    1 Volume One

  • IntroductionCambridge English: Young Learners is a series of fun, motivating English language tests for children in primary and lower secondary education. The tests are an excellent way for children to gain confidence and improve their English.

    There are three levels:




    AboutthesesamplepapersThese sample papers show you what the Cambridge English: Flyers test looks like. When children know what to expect in the test, they will feel more confident and prepared.

    To prepare for Cambridge English: Flyers, children can practise parts of the test or do the complete practice test.

    ListeningsampletestTo download the Cambridge English: Flyers Listening sample test go to

    For further information about the three levels of Cambridge English: Young Learners and for more sample papers, go to

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    There are 25 questions.

    You will need coloured pens or pencils.

    Cambridge Young Learners English


    Sample Paper

    My name is: ..........................................................................................

    Centre Number Candidate Number


  • FlyersListening

    Part 1 5 questions

    Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

    Sarah William Paul Emma

    Vicky Michael Richard


  • Flye




    Part 2 5 questions

    Listen and write. There is one example.







    Redbridge Police Station

    ELISSAName: ....................................... Jones

    Has lost a: .................................................

    Where lost: In the ........................................

    Things inside: ....................................... books

    Colour: .................................................

    Name inside: ....................................... Jones

  • FlyersListening


    Part 3 5 questions

    Where should these things go in the new house?

    Listen and write a letter in each box. There is one example.







  • Flye





    A B

    C D

    E F

    G H

  • FlyersListening


    Part 4 5 questions

    Listen and tick () the box. There is one example.

    What time does the caf open?

    A B C

    1 What must Harry do first?

    A B C

    2 What will Harry make for lunch?

    A B C

  • Flye




    3 Where should Harry go to buy the eggs?

    A B C

    4 What should Harry put on the tables?

    A B C

    5 What was the weather like yesterday?

    A B C


  • FlyersListening

    Part 5 5 questions

    Listen and colour and draw and write. There is one example.


  • Flye




    Flyers ListeningMarking Key

    Part1 5marks

    Lines should be drawn between:

    1 William and pirate, dancing

    2 Vicky and girl dressed as nurse, next to doctor

    3 Sarah and girl with long, blonde hair, carrying glasses

    4 Michael and boy with short, brown hair, sitting down

    5 Richard and boy in shorts, waving hands

    Part2 5marks

    1 bag / backpack

    2 park

    3 history

    4 black

    5 A-N-D-R-E-W

    Part3 5marks

    1 H

    2 C

    3 D

    4 E

    5 B

    Part4 5marks

    1 C

    2 B

    3 C

    4 A

    5 B

    Part5 5marks

    1 Colour the womans striped scarf red

    2 Draw and colour cloud in sky above forest yellow

    3 Colour the drum green

    4 Write North above Castle on the flag

    5 Colour the swan on the river pink

    ( ) = Acceptable extra words are placed in brackets

    / = A single slash is placed between acceptable alternative words within an answer

    // = A double slash is placed between acceptable alternative complete answers

  • FlyersListening


    F = Female adult

    M = Male adult

    Fch = Female child

    Mch = Male child

    Flyers ListeningTapescript

    R Hello.ThisistheCambridgeFlyersListeningtest.


    Mch This looks like a good party.

    Fch Yes, and everyones wearing funny clothes.

    Mch Look theres Paul!

    Fch Where?

    Mch There! Hes got a plastic beard and hes standing next to the food.

    Fch Oh yes. He looks great, doesnt he?

    R Canyouseetheline?Thisisanexample.


    Fch Whos the pirate?

    Mch There are two pirates. Which one do you mean?

    Fch The one whos dancing.

    Mch Oh, thats William. Hes good, isnt he?

    Fch Yes, he is. Can we dance too?

    Mch Yes, of course, but Im not very good.

    Fch And look at that girl over there next to the doctor.

    Mch The girl whos wearing a nurses uniform? Thats Vicky. Its her party. Shes in my class at school.

    Fch Its a very nice apartment lots of space for a party.

    Mch Yes, it is.

    Oh, look! Can you see my cousin Sarah? Shes got long blonde hair.

    Fch Which one is she? Is she wearing a long dress?

    Mch No, shes carrying some drinks.

    Fch Oh, yes. Lets ask her for one.

    Mch Good idea.

    Fch Wheres your friend Michael, then?

    Mch Hes over there hes got short brown hair.

    Fch Is he the boy whos eating some cake?

    Mch No, hes the one whos sitting down.

    Fch Whos the boy whos wearing shorts and waving hishands?

    Mch Oh, thats Richard. Hes great hes going to singlater.

    Fch Oh, I think Im going to enjoy this party!

    Mch Me too!

    R NowlistentoPartOneagain.



    Fch Good morning. Is this the police station?

    M Yes, can I help you?

    Fch Hello. Yes, I think you can. Ive lost something important.

    M OK. Tell me everything and Ill write it in my book here. First, whats your name?

    Fch My names Elissa Jones. I spell my first name E-L-I-double-S-A.

    R Canyouseetheanswer?Nowyoulistenandwrite.

    M And what have you lost, Elissa?

    Fch My bag. I carry my school things in it. My mum will be very angry with me.

    M Now, do you know where you lost it?

    Fch Well, I had it on the bus when I came home from school. Then I went to the park with some friends to play tennis. I left it there.

    M And what was in it? For example, did you have any money in it?

    Fch No, only some history books. I need them for my homework and for school. Please find it.

    M Whats it like? What colour is it?

    Fch Its black.

    M And did you have your name on it?

    Fch Well, no. It was my brothers. He gave it to me when he left school so it has his name on it on the inside. Hes called Andrew thats spelled A-N-D-R-E-W.

    M Thats Jones too, isnt it?

    Fch Yes, it is.

    M OK, well, Im sure someone will find it and bring it in to the police station. Come again tomorrow and ask.

    Fch OK, I will. Thank you very much.

    R NowlistentoPartTwoagain.




    M Its a lovely house, Mrs Smith. Now, where do you want me to put these things?

    F Yes, its so much bigger than our last house. Now, lets start with the mirror. I think Id like it in the bathroom. Itll look nice there.

    R CanyouseetheletterA?Nowyoulistenandwritealetterineachbox.

  • Flye




    M Its good that it isnt raining today, isnt it? Its always better to move house on a dry day.

    F Oh yes, I agree. Now, the bookcase. My husband wants it in the living room. He has a lot of magazines, you know. He loves reading magazines about sailing most of all.

    M OK. Now what else shall I take inside?

    F Well, the clock, I think. It was in the kitchen in our old house but I want it in the dining room here. Theres more space for it in this house. And its made of lovely wood so itll look nice.

    M Mm.

    Do you want me to take anything upstairs?

    F Oh, yes please. Id like that table on the balcony next to the bedroom so we can have breakfast there at the weekend. Therell be lots of sun in the morning and its so nice to have breakfast outside.

    M Yes, it is.

    I will need someone to help me with some of the other things.

    F Yes, well that isnt a problem. Lets carry this painting into the hall. Itll look lovely at the bottom of the stairs. Its of my grandmother, you know. My grandfather painted it over fifty years ago when she was twenty-five.

    M Yes, shes beautiful.

    There isnt much more to move.

    F No, only this sofa. But we dont need it just now so we can put it in the basement. Theres lots of space down there for things that we arent using. Lets try carrying it together.

    M OK.

    R NowlistentoPartThreeagain.




    F Harry, youre late. Its a quarter past nine.

    Mch Im sorry, Mrs Winter.

    F If you want to help me in the caf on a Saturday, you must be on time.

    Mch I know the caf opens at nine oclock, Mrs Winter. But