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  • 1. Florists Chrysanthemum Group:Cut Flowers & Foliage Type of Plant:Dicot Leaf Arrangement:Alternate Identification : Dark green lobed leaves.Dark, straight stems with ridges. Standard is one flower on one stem.Pompon is multiple flowers on one stem.Many different colors and types of flowers:Daisy, Cushion, Spoon, Spider, Football. C. x morifolium (Also Dendranthema x grandiflora)

2. DaisyChrysanthemum 3. Cushion Chrysanthemum 4. Spoon Chrysanthemum 5. Spider Chrysanthemum 6. Football Chrysanthemum 7. Water : Let dry slightly between waterings. Light : Bright sunlight indoors, full sun outside.Once in flower, keep cool and out of direct sun. Propagation: Stem cutting. Culture:This plant is a Short Day Plant.It is the most commonly sold potted plant in the U.S.They are often planted outside for fall bloom. Problems:Spider mites and aphids. Florists Chrysanthemum C. x morifolium (Also Dendranthema x grandiflora)