Floral jewellery for mehndi and wedding

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Fnpflagship Flowers are an integral part of any wedding, and here is how you can utilize them in innovative ways. We offer a wide variety of flower jewelry & we solve your Complete Flower Jewellery problem for wedding day including perfect flower necklaces, hair chotlis and gajras. Contact Details: FNP Flagship Store 10 MG Road New Delhi 110030 Tel: 011 65576772, 65575450 Hotline No.: +91 9999999166/177 Email: info@fnpflagship.com waebsite: http://fnpflagship.com/floral-jewellery/


  • Floral Jewellery For Mehndi and Wedding

    A big trend for mehndis is the floral jewellery such as earrings, gajras and hair chotlis. I have been making a variety of mehndi floral jewellery made from fresh and silk flowers in bright and bold colours that gives the desi aura with the exotic and vibrant colours and flowers.

    The designs are simple yet still stand out with the bright colours and hot pink is a very popular choice along with Red ,yellow and green. Majority of items are made with red roses or chrysanthemums which are best option for mehndis. The hot pink mehndi set has to be my favorite one, the roses, colours and design all work well together along with the vibrant rainbow gajras for family members.The flower hair chotlis have been just as popular made in a variety of colours with the tips being finished off with red roses; and for a more traditional look for wedding, below are a couple of photos of a floral hair chotli and gajra in silk red roses with gold and red beads in between.

  • When it comes to Traditional weddings, from the venue to the bride, you cant miss the flower. Flower are timeless, precious and a perfect personation of beauty. From time immemorial women have used these Floral jewels of nature to adorn themselves. Flowers jewels are no longer limited to adorning just the hair but along with silver and gold are increasingly used as wedding jewellery. Floral Jewellery exude a distinct feminine charm that have made it a rage this season!

    With all eyes on the bride, from the haldi to the mehendi to the wedding days itself, it becomes imperative that you refresh your look to avoid monotony. Flower jewellery is just what you need to keep your look exciting and your guests in awe. It is afflictive ableand can be worn to any or all events including the sangeet ,mehndi, haldi, and the wedding. If you are apprehensive about looking over-done and wearing heavy jewellery for long hours, prefer a lighter and more natural look or simply want to do something different then floral Jewellery is perfect for you.

  • The best thing about flower jewellery is that it can be custom made to suit all your whims and fancies. From the kind of floral to the colors- you get to choose it all. In fact, if you wish to really get creative, you can even dsign your own flower jewellery set.With appropriate refrigeration, floral jewellery can last for upto three days. It can take about two days to create a flower jewellery set so it is a good idea to place your order in advance and refrigerate appropriately.

    While any flower can be used to create best jewellery, the most popular choices include roses, jasmine, and orchids. If you want to add some good-ol bling to your flowersjewellery, you can add pearls, gold or silver to really give your look some oomph. These sets also make for enchanting and unique bridal gifts. These fragile, hand-crafted natural gifts of blossoms will make any bride feel special and beautiful.

    Contact Details:FNP Flagship Store 10 MG Road New Delhi 110030Tel: 011 65576772, 65575450Hotline No.: +91 9999999166/177Email: info@fnpflagship.com