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2. EXQUISITE FLORAL DESIGN SINCE 1999 3. For 10 years, across the US and Europe, Flora2000 has transformed fine flowers into artistic expressions of mesmerizing beauty.Bringing our collection to India, we offer patrons, designs that have enthralled discerning individuals worldwide.Combined with discreet and personalized care, this is an experience of the very finest in floral luxury. 4. Whenever you want a charming chic design for a birthday, or to say I love you, or to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime moment of any kind, you are assured of conveying your message stylishly and with flair. Designed and Delivered by our expert floral team, savour conveying your gifts beautifully and with an artistic touch. 5. DELIVERIES IN MUMBAI, INDIA 170 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE 6. Our Mumbai Collection features avant-garde designs crafted for the energetic and stylish lifestyle of this city. From petite cubes in innovative flavours to elegant centerpieces, there is a contemporary gift for each occasion. 7. Our India Collection borrows from the Mumbai Collection and is also hand crafted in our studios. It is expertly delivered in special packaging by our overnight courier partners, Blue Dart, a combination that ensures, your gift arrives looking and feeling beautiful, just as you intended. 8. For deliveries to the US, UK, France, Japan or any of the 170 countries we deliver to, we feature a custom collection for each country. Each of these collections is crafted in the finest contemporary design in tune with local tastes and preferences. 9. MEMOIRS DE MOMENTS PERSONAL FLORAL GIFTING MANAGEMENT 10. This program is especially crafted to assist you in managing your year round floral gifting- professionally but with the same touch and warmth as you would do personally. 11. Your designated Flora2000 Client Ambassador will organize that perfect gift from our collection (or even a custom one) for all your annual birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali or any other occasions.She will track your orders with special care and handle all other interactions with you, including billing. You will at all times enjoy the services of a personalized floral representative.To discuss your floral gifting Natasha DPenha 6457 6457 natasha@flora2000.com 12. THE FLORA2000 MUMBAI, INDIA LUXURY COLLECTION 13. PETITE Anthurium Box Snow Cube Rs 1,200 (Mumbai Only) Rs 1,000 Flaming Cube Le Fleur Passion Rs 1,000 (Mumbai only) Rs 700 Rs 700 14. EmeraldPicture Perfect Rs 1,500 (Mumbai Only) Rs 1,000 15. BOUQUETSPrince CharmingRs 900TenderRs 900 16. Haute Rs 1,000 Caliente Rs 900 17. Autumn Rs 1,500 18. TABLE-TOPSIvory PureRs 2,000 Rs 2,000Fragrant 19. Anne Black Irresistible Rs 1,500 Rs 1,000 20. StarDusk Rs 3,000Rs 2,500 Fragrant 21. Mon Amour Rs 1,500 22. Malabar Topiary Rs 1,500 23. CLASSICS Dendrobium Rs 1,000 24. Asiatic Lilium Rs 1,800 25. Oriental Lilium Rs 2,500 Fragrant 26. Anthurium Rs 900 (Mumbai only) 27. Mokara Rs 2,300 28. CENTERPIECESOcean MarineRs 5,000 29. SPCIAL Savour Princess Rs 3,700 (Mumbai only) Rs 900 30. Home Rs 4,000 (Mumbai only) Set of three 31. Fruits et de fleurs Rs 3,500 (Mumbai only) 32. MOMENTSDelicate DuetRs 7,500 (Mumbai only) 33. Graceful Danseuse Rs 8,000 (Mumbai only) 34. Arbol en flor Rs 17,000 (Mumbai only) Silver Plated 35. Fragrant Carmichael Beauty Rs 50,000 (Mumbai only) Sterling Silver Fragrant 36. THE FLORA2000 DAVID BEAHM US LUXURY COLLECTION 37. DAVID BEAHM Celebrated New York floral designer, David Beahm, leads Flora2000s creative design with his Winter-Spring 2009 collection for the US.Davids full range of innovative work continues to be sought after by the most demanding echelon of clients including New York CEOs and Hollywood celebrities. It was his dazzling design for nuptials of movie star Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas that launched the legendary event now known as the wedding of the century.Each arrangement is a spectacular innovation with trans-formative visuals exuding charm and beauty.This is signature DAVID BEAHM. 38. FLORA2000 DAVID BEAHM SIGNATURE COLLECTION 39. To discuss your floral giftingNatasha DPenha 6457 6457 natasha@flora2000.com To view our worldwide catalogue visit Flora2000.com