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Recent cases of saving buildings and campuses during dramatic floods, including Binghamton NY in September 2011!


  • 1. Passive solutions are defined as those which require no humanintervention or power systems to operate. Passive solutions eliminate the risk of operations and human failureat the core. Training time and funds are saved for other critical areas. Primarily consisting of a visual inspection, maintenance is quick andeasy and can be accomplished with simple hand tools. A 100% passive, fully automatic system operates 24 hours perday, every day of the year, minimizing risk, eliminating human andpower dependency, and providing the lowest possible long-termcost.

2. Lourdes HospitalBinghamton, NYSeptember 8-9, 2011 3. Lourdes HospitalBinghamton, NY 4. Lourdes HospitalBinghamton, NYSeptember 8-9, 2011 5. Lourdes HospitalBinghamton, NY 6. Lourdes HospitalLourdes HospitalBinghamton, NYBinghamton, NYSeptember 8-9, 2011September 8-9, 2011 7. Lourdes HospitalBinghamton, NYSeptember 8-9, 2011 8. Lourdes HospitalBinghamton, NY 9. Lourdes HospitalBinghamton, NYSeptember 8-9, 2011 10. Lourdes HospitalBinghamton, NY 11. Lourdes HospitalBinghamton, NYSeptember 8-9, 2011 12. Union-Endicott School Binghamton, NY 13. Union-Endicott School Binghamton, NYSeptember 8-9, 2011 14. Union-Endicott School Binghamton, NYSeptember 8-9, 2011 15. Union-Endicott School Binghamton, NYSeptember 8-9, 2011 16. One KensingtonGreat Neck, NY 17. One KensingtonGreat Neck, NY 18. One KensingtonGreat Neck, NY 19. Route 22 HondaHillside, NJ 20. Bayshore MedicalPasadena, TX 21. Bayshore MedicalPasadena, TX 22. Bayshore MedicalPasadena, TX 23. Private ResidenceChicago, IL 24. Private ResidenceChicago, IL 25. Private ResidenceChicago, IL 26. FloodBreak is a single source for all your mitigation needs, includingcomplex campuses. Our products can protect any vulnerablepath, every location, shape and size. Fully passive, fullyautomatic, 24x7.Building EntriesPedestrian Areas Stairwells Underground RoomsParking Areas Loading Docks 27. The Floodbreak Vehicle Gate is a fully-engineered system which willautomatically block entrances from street-level flooding . With onlya single moving part, and rated for HSM-20 loads, the systemrequires minimal maintenance and (like all FloodbreakAutogateproducts) no people or power to activate. Types of uses:- Driveways- Garage Ramps- Loading Docks- Equipment Bays Medical CenterHouston, TX 28. The FloodBreak Pedestrian Gate is a fully-engineered system whichwill automatically block entrances from street-level flooding withzero impact on pedestrian traffic in the down position. Like allFloodBreak products there is no need for people or power toactivate the gate. Furthermore, the system can be covered with avariety of materials, including carpet, pavers, or tile, rendering itvirtually invisible. Types of uses:- Doorways- Entrance Foyers- Stairwells- Elevator LobbiesMedical Center Houston, TX 29. In addition to meeting HSM-20 specifications for vehicle loads, theFloodBreak Roadway Gate is specially coated for extreme wearconditions and is designed for long service life with heavy safetyfactors in the most demanding environments. It has become apractical fiscal solution for communities seeking to extend, raise, orre-certify their communitys levee systems. Types of uses:- Levee Crossings- Subdivisions- Bridges- Campuses Levee Crossing Sugar Land, TX 30. With the recent increase in levee recertification projects, FloodBreakhas emerged as a cost-effective solution for bridges, roads, andother levee crossings. Compared to the cost of raising bridges androads, and considering the potential issues with viewshedobstructions at critical junctions, FloodBreak provides a long-term, highly effective answer.Border CrossingFt. Hancock, TX 31. The Floodbreak Vent Shaft System is a unique solution for protectingunderground tunnels and rooms with vertical vents. The system isdesigned to fit underneath street-level vent gratings with nodisruption. When the street floods, the system automatically closesand stops the water from pouring through the vent grate anddamaging sensitive underground equipment such astransformers, power equipment, or transportation systems. Types of uses:- Subway Systems- Facility Rooms- Transformer BaysNew YorkSubway SystemManhattan, NY 32. The versatility of the FloodBreak concept has allowed us to createfully passive, 100% automatic solutions for each of our customersflood problems. In addition to our standard applications, we have also developed anumber of custom solutions for specialty applications and regularlywork with customers on unique flood problems. Our portfolio includes solutions for window vent panels, riverinelevees, seawalls and bulkheads, and drainage/weir systems. 33. FloodBreak was started in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Alison in Houston in 2001. We have been saving properties, and lives, ever since. 34. (+1) 713-980-6610info@floodbreak.com