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  • 5/3: 22nd Annual International Festival of Food 1630-2000 Commons

    5/8: FD Information Town Hall Meeting 1030-1200 Commons

    5/9: Information Technology Expo 0930-1330 Commons

    5/10: Military Spouse Appreciation Day 0900-1500 Remington Park

    5/12: Mothers Day Brunch 1100-1330 Commons

    5/16: Volunteer of the Month 1100-1130 Commons

    5/18: Watertown Armed Forces Day Parade 1000 Watertown

    5/18: USO Big Band Bash 1900-2300 Watertown Elks Lodge

    5/21: Local School Budget Vote and Board of Education Election

    5/22: Family Support Huddle 1000 Eagles Nest

    5/23: Division Safety Run 0900 Hays Hall

    5/24: DONSA

    5/27: Memorial Day: Federal Holiday

    5/28: Furlough Impact Town Hall 1630-1800 Commons

    5/29: Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Observance 1130-1300 Commons

    6/4: Furlough Impact Town Hall 1630-1800 Commons

    6/5: CLIF 1000-1100 Commons

    6/7: Fort Drum Education Graduation 1900-2100 Commons

    6/13: Volunteer of the Month 1100-1130 Commons

    6/14: Army Birthday/Flag Day

    6/20 Fort Drum Riverfest Alex Bay

    6/21: DONSA

    Please dont forget to log your volunteer

    hours on VMIS

    4-31 IN FRSA FLASH

    03 May 2013

  • You can now take your Food Handlers Course online at the following loca-tion:


  • FORT DRUM RELIGIOUS SERVICE SCHEDULECentral Chapel Information Number: 772-5591Riva Ridge Chapel P10030 772-5206/5592Po Valley Chapel P4405 772-5540

    CatholicSun 1100 Mass Riva RidgeMon-Thur 1215 Mass Riva RidgeSat 1700 Mass Riva Ridge

    ProtestantSat 1800 Agape Caf Po ValleySun 0915 Traditional Service Po ValleySun 0900 Liturgical Service Riva Ridge Sun 1230 Gospel Service Po ValleyMon/Thur 1900 LDS Studies Riva Ridge

    Chapel ProgramsSun 0930 Catholic Religious Ed Blg 426A/427ASun 1100 Sunday School Blg 426A/427ASun 1730 Teens of the Chapel Blg 426A/427ATues 0930 Protestant Women (PWOC) Blg 426A/427AWed 0930 Catholic Women (MCCW) Blg 426A/427A

    (Some chapel programs are not held on DONSAs or school vacations. Please call for details.)

    Emergency Chaplain Support Services24 Hour On-Call Chaplain 772-5647

    Senior & Garrison Chaplain Administrative OfficesModular Building 449ACorner of Oswego Ave & 4th Street West, just west of Oswego & Tigris










  • Fort Drum Ammunition Amnesty Day

  • To all: The following OPSEC Alert was distributed by the Army G-2 Office. This is an OPSEC Alert concerning the 23 April 2013 issue of Forbes Magazine. Selected copies of the magazine contain a Microsoft Office 365 campaign ad/promotion with a wireless hotspot. The obvious concern is wittingly or unwittingly bringing one of these magazines into a secure area and the inherent dangers involved with hav-ing this transceiver powered on. Bringing a wire-less transceiver into a secure area (wittingly or unwittingly) is a security violation. Please be aware of what items/devices you are carrying with you when entering a secure area. As a side-note, no wireless enabled devices should be taken into any areas processing classi-fied information without prior approval from proper authorities. If you have any questions contact your supporting organization's communi-cations or security personnel. Regards, Mr. Charles W. Hamberger Jr.

  • Need a Dig Permit, STOP and Read below!

    Everyone Needs a Dig Permit. Whether you want to install satellite TV, plant a tree, or planning Sergeants Time training, , field exercise or displays for Mountain Peak. FIRST EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO OBTAIN AN EX-CAVATION PERMIT. Everyone needs to follow the correct process for obtaining a dig permit on Fort Drum. It could save your life and the lives of your family and friends. Just follow these three (3) simple steps and you cant go wrong. 1st Step: Call 1-800-962-7962 to obtain a Dig Safely Number, the Dig Safely Number is required in order to submit a request for a Dig Permit. 2nd Step: For those that have access to a Government computer, log onto the website: https://mapsrus.drum.army.mil and click on the WEPS Tab. After the WEPS program has loaded, click on Request a Permit to begin. If you dont have access to a government computer, dont worry, we can help you. Please visit one of our three Self-Service Kiosks located in buildings on South Post at either; 4004 First St. ( Intersection First St and Ontario Ave), 4894 Nininger St., and 4890 Nininger St (Entry to both are located off of Ontario Ave and George St across from Range Control . The Kiosks are available to the customers during the hours of 0730- 1530 hours. 3rd Step: Once you have submitted your Dig Permit, Your permit will be reviewed by 16 different agencies to ensure compliance with their individual safety guidelines. The Approving Authorities have 10 Business Days to review, mark out utilities and either approve or disapprove a permit. It is important that you enter a working email address because this is the only way you will be notified on the progress of your permit request. Once a judg-ment has been rendered on your permit, it will be posted to the WEPS site. The WEPS program will generate a total of 18 emails per permit. These are notification emails on the progress of your permit. You are not required to print or keep them. If you do not receive the email notifications, you are then responsible for checking the WEPS site periodically to see if your permit status has been updated. Once your permit has been approved, you must print out a copy and have it available at your excavation site. Questions or issues in submitting your dig permits should be directed to Mr. Doug Osborne, Chief of Master Planning/GIS Branch at 772-5709 or Ms. Melissa Rumble, WEPS Administrator & Dispatcher/Utilities Branch at 772-5495, Extension 2.




  • Updates regarding passing pedestrians and driving on Fort Drum 1. PT Hour remains 0700-0830 2. Motorist must slow to 10 MPH when passing Soldiers/pedestrians during the PT

    Hour ONLY 3. Motorist my slow to 10 MPH when passing Soldiers in formation anytime of the day. 4. The 10 MPH rule when passing Soldiers/pedestrians other than the PT Hour is re-

    scinded. Motorist will use caution and current vehicle and traffic law pertaining to pedestrians/vehicles is the rule of the day.

    5. North Riva Ridge; portion between Mt. Belvedere and the entrance to building 10100 is co-use to allow DRM and G-8 personnel access to their facility.

  • Updates regarding passing pedestrians and driving on Fort Drum cont. 6. South Riva Ridge; portion between Mt Belvedere and the entrance to Division

    Annex buildings is co-use to allow PAO and other civilian workers to access their facility.

    7. Lewis Ave; the portion between 1st Street West to Euphrates River Valley is co-

    use to allow access to court (0800 is when that starts) 8. Po Valley from Conway to South Riva Ridge is a NO PT AREA 9. Conway/1st Street West from Enduring Freedom to Nash Blvd is a NO PT AREA 10. The entire length of Nash Blvd is a NO PT AREA 11. As with current policy, all official government plated vehicles will be allowed to

    access to PT ONLY routes for the conduct of their normal business/mission. No special pass required

  • 4-31 IN Info

    Upcoming Events: 07 May: 2BCT Care Team Training 08 May: Bravo Company Change of Command 1100 on BN Quad 08 May: Family Brief (make-up) at MPA regarding USMA 1800 09 May: Contest of Champions 13 May: Delta Company Change of Command 1000 in Fox Company Motor Pool