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1. FITNESS ON THE PARK 2. 10 COMMANDMENTS 1. MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE This is not a diet, not a short term fis; it's a way of life. 2. GET ORGANIZED Structure your eating & you'll structure your life 3. EAT SMALL Portion control is crucial for losing weight 4. LEAVE FOOD ON YOUR PLATE This helps you take control of compulsive eating 5. NEVER FEEL DEPRIVED Because feeling starved eventually leads to binging 3. 10 COMMANDMENTS 6. MAKE A MEAL OUT OF IT Make it special, so you appreciate what you've eaten 7. EAT SLOWLY It takes 20 minutes for our brain to know your stomach is full 8. ENJOY YOUR FOOD it's one of life's greatest pleasures, not a punishment. 9. MOVE IT! Exercise is key essential to losing weight. 10. GET ENOUFH SLEEP Structuring your sleep pattern helps regulate metabolism. 4. Fit for life 5. Health & Fitness 6. Health & Fitness 7. Fit for life Increase immunity Boost up confidence & Performance Decrease anxiety stress depresion Retouch recovery ability Increase concentration Detract Hormonal Imbalance Enhance Metabolism Retouch your heart health Reduce Diabetes Risk Bones joints relief 8. Fit for life To be FIT FOR LIFE you must want to always work towards achieving Optimal Health. This is what it takes to achieve it. How much of it do you have already and how hard are you willing to work to earn what you're missing 9. Importance of Exercise 1. Physical inactivity is a risk factor for coronary heart disease, which means if you don't exercise you increase your risk of dying form a heart attack. 2. However, exercise means a healthier heart because it reduces several cardiovascular risks, including high blood pressure. 3. Being physically active can increase good mental health and help you manage stress and anxiety. 4. Regular exercise is important as you age as it keeps you strong and less dependent on others and will also make you feel happier about your appearance. It has beneficial effects on conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and helps you maintain mobility. 5. All exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles but exercises, such as running, is especially good in protecting against osteoporosis(a condition in which the bones become fragile from loss of tissue), which affects men as well as women. 10. FITNESS ON THE PARK 64 Mackinnon Parade, North Adelaide South Australia 5006 Ph : 08 8267 1887 E mail :