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  1. 1. Fit-for-Business Broadband Workshop London, 27th March 2014 Dr Neil Davies Predictable Network Solutions Ltd Peter Thompson Predictable Network Solutions Ltd Martin Geddes Martin Geddes Consulting Ltd Andrew Macdonald NG Events Ltd Marit Hendricks NG Events Ltd 2014 All Rights Reserved SELECTED INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY SLIDES
  2. 2. The following selected slides are extracted from a one- day workshop on how to build, buy and sell broadband business services. The workshop explains the key issues, and gives outline answers to the core questions. The workshop covers: Quality of Experience (QoE) and business hazard analysis, technical QoE drivers, broadband supply characteristics, service assurance, resilience management and network design and operation. We also offer private workshops, and network performance measurement & management services. Predictable Network Solutions 2014 FIT-FOR-BUSINESS BROADBAND WORKSHOP
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION What this workshop is about Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  5. 5. Our offer to you today Help you to understand the mismatch between: What people are aspiring to achieve (demand) What the broadband industry is doing (supply) Propose how to close the gap Technically grounded in reality Practical advice on how to proceed Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  6. 6. Our four key messages 1. Speed (bandwidth) is no longer a helpful model for broadband. 2. Suppliers are being forced into a death spiral. 3. Regulators and government are unintentionally driving unhelpful behaviour by focusing only on speed. 4. Users and suppliers need to re-frame the resource model to be sustainable. Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  8. 8. What operators should be asking themselves 1. Why am I trying to solve my scheduling problems with more capacity? 2. For my key customer applications, am I delivering the network supply that enables good QoE? i.e. am I delivering the right loss and delay? 3. Given that there is a trading space, am I constructing and offering the right data transport products? Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  9. 9. What regulators should be asking themselves 1. What is the value that society is getting from demanding more speed? 2. Measurement is de facto regulation, therefore are we measuring the right thing? 3. What are the key applications that need managed QoE and cost to drive societal benefits? 4. Are the trades being performed in a manner that is transparent and non-discriminatory? Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  10. 10. What users should be asking themselves 1. What are the unserved needs of enterprises and their dispersed workforces? 2. How to get the right broadband performance for the least cost? 3. What are the risks in buying and delivering new fit-for-business services? 4. What are the best ways to mitigate and manage those risks? Predictable Network Solutions 2014 DESCRIBED IN DETAIL ON FOLLOWING SLIDES
  11. 11. What are the unserved needs of enterprises and their dispersed workforces? Retrospective: Measure QoE slack/hazards Based on what youve already got, know what broadband-related business QoE hazards exist. Exploit full upside of QoE slack safely in future. Prospective: Model QoE requirements Make business promises on QoE that can be delivered, or represent a managed and quantified risk. Cost-in the capacity and QoE requirements to continue to keep your promises of business performance. Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  12. 12. How to get the right broadband performance for the least cost? Time-shift your own demand At all timescales Engage in graceful degradation Proactively manage the consequences of supply failure Manage supply and demand at key system elements (under your control) Keep those elements within their predictable region of operation Avoid becoming part of the problem Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  13. 13. What are the risks in buying and delivering new fit-for-business services? More speed more value Beware the frequentist performance fallacy Things can get worse, and do The past is not a good guide to the future Beware correlated failures & correlated loads Understand how failures are linked Understand your business processes which cause load to be correlated Consider these issues in your business continuity plans Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  14. 14. What are the best ways to mitigate and manage those risks? Buy and provision: Characterise and document your own appetite and capacity for risk Understand properties of bearers from different suppliers (DSL, FTTC, cable, FTTP, MPLS, carrier ethernet, etc.) and their failure modes and likely time to repair Operational: Dont over-drive (unless you know the consequences) Manage your own contention and its QoE effects Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  16. 16. Anticipating the new landscape Suppliers: Hiding behind existing Ts&Cs based on bandwidth will not meet the market and regulatory needs The money will move to suppliers who deliver a value proposition expressed in customer terms, not network-centric terms Regulators: Measure the right thing! (Performance and resilience, not speed) Ensure that the industry is delivering value Customers: Understand not all broadband is the same Become more discriminating and sophisticated buyers Articulate the value of hazard mitigation to suppliers and regulators Predictable Network Solutions 2014
  17. 17. To learn more Free Future of Communications newsletter: Follow Martin Geddes on Twitter: @martingeddes Other presentations: White papers on network performance: For a view of the full NextGen programme for 2014 visit Follow NextGen on Twitter: @EventsNextGen


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