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Have An Amazing Fishing Experience in Canada!


What is Fishing?Fishing is the process of catching fish either for food or as a sport or as an occupation for living.

Common Types of Fresh Water Fishing Angling Trapping

Angling : Widely used method of Fishing. In this method, a handheld equipment is used for fishing, in which a person uses a rod with a line attached to hook fish.

Trapping: This is a technique for catching fish and it consists of a net which diverts the fish into an enclosure.

Fishing RulesYou must follow certain rules while fishing that determine:

when and where you can fishthe species, size and number of fish you can keepwhat you can use for bait and tacklewhat you can and cannot do in specific fishing zones (the province is divided into 20 zones)


September is the most charming time for superior fishing

Fishing Season in Ontario

Fishing Seasons in Lake Savant (Ontario Canada)Early Season (May to June) : Fishing population escalate quickly and easy to catch.

Mid Season (July to August) : Stable weather and quality fishing- Time for fishing large walleye.

Late Season (September) : It is the best time for superior fishing.

Good day for fishing:a warm front, light rain, and moderate winds causing a choppy surface.

Wonderful Remote Wilderness Location Wildewood on Lake Savant

Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleyes and whitefish are the main attraction of Lake Savant at Ontario

Lake Trout Fish

Northern Pike

White fish


Small mouth bass


Use catch & release technique to protect fishery

Catch and Release PracticeCatch and release is a common practice in recreational fishing. This technique is used to prevent target species from disappearing in heavily fished waters. This method is quite simple. For this you need to aware, how to quickly and carefully return large, mature fish to the water so they can spawn again, and be caught again.

Fishery Protection: Try to selectively harvest smaller fish to provide an abundant fishery for the future

Summer Afternoon is the best time for angling trout or northern pike

Wonderful Fishing Experience

If you catch fish during closed season in Ontario, you must release fish of a certain size must be released promptly and alive

Hook Removal

Safe Removal of hook from FishIf possible, hold the fish in a bit of water, using a net. Using a pair of long-nose fishing pliers or a surgical hemostat, grab and twist the hook quickly. Grasp the hook near its bend and apply pressure to back the hook out, opposite the direction it entered. When necessary, you may have to snip a line or hook that is impossible to remove but never tear the hook out of the fish. If a fish is deeply hooked, dont even try working the hook out. Just cut the hook or line to avoid injuring the fish even more. A hook left in a fish will, over time, be decomposed by digestive juices.

Identify Poor Fishing Day : A cold front, bright sun and/or a thunderstorm, calm water or an easterly wind.

Enjoy world class adventure fishing in Wildewood on Lake Savant

Wildewood on Lake Savant

Wildewood on Lake Savant2420 Seattle Slew Dr.Sarasota, FL 34240

Reservations (Toll Free) : 844-921-0911For Information : 941-200-0430)


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