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Suggest this doc to know an approach of he fish philosophy. The way to realize that most important things are from deepest inside of a person. If u want change u can do it its only a matter of you.


  • 1. Welcome to
  • 2. Why FISH???
    • Re-Energizes the workplace
    • Fosters teamwork
    • Enhances productivity
    • Inspires creativity
  • 3. Why FISH???
    • Boosts morale
  • 4. Why FISH???
    • Creates positive, memorable experiences for our customers (both internal and external customers)
  • 5. Why FISH???
    • Inspires teamwork
    • Fosters creativity
    • Increases productivity
    • Builds effective relationships to facilitate the communication of ideas, goals, etc.
    • Stimulates thinking about ways to create a more worker-friendly work environment
    • Makes people feel valued
    • Retains employees
  • 6. Four Cornerstones of Fish!
    • 1. Choose Your Attitude
    • 2. Play
    • 3. Make Their Day
    • 4. Be Present/Be There
  • 7. 4 Concepts of the FISH! Philosophy
    • 1. Play
    • is synonymous with work. Its about having fun, enjoying yourself, being spontaneous and creative. Life is too short to spend it frowning and FISH! brings a smile to your face!
  • 8. 4 Concepts of the FISH! Philosophy
    • 2. Make their day
    • Its about doing something special for your customers and co-workers. When you make someones day, you have given them a special gift they wont soon forget. It feels good to give it.
  • 9. 4 Concepts of the FISH! Philosophy
    • 3.Be there
    • Its about being totally focused on the moments and on the person or task with which you are engaged. When we are fully present with our customers and with each other, we are listening deeply and important opportunities do not escape us.
  • 10. 4 Concepts of the FISH! Philosophy
    • 4.Choose your attitude
    • Its about accepting full responsibility for all of our choices, even our attitude at work. A positive attitude is a decision we make, moment to moment.
  • 11. FISH Resources
    • FISH Book
    • FISH Video and
    • supplemental materials
    • FISH Camp
    • Website:
    • Ride the wave
    • Catch the Energy
    • Unleash the Potential!
  • 13.
    • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.
    • ---Margaret Mead
  • 14.
    • As you enter this place of work, please choose to make today a great day.
    • Your colleagues, customers, team members, and you yourself will be thankful.
    • Find ways to play . We can be serious about ourselves.
    • Stay focused in order to be present when your team members most need you.
    • And should you feel your energy lapsing, try this sure fire remedy: Find someone who needs a helping hand, a word of support, or a good ear,---and make their day .
    Our Workplace
  • 15. FISH! Pledge Hook into itIts quite a catch!
    • I promise I will support the FISH! Philosophy and Play,
    • Make Their Day, Be There,
    • and Choose My Attitude every day!


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