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  1. 1. BENEFITS GAINED Although the group had higher incomes from using push nets, they have gained in other ways. They feel accepted by their community and government. Their life is less stressful, and healthier. They work together, supporting each other and they are seen as being successful by others. The leader feels as if he has more time, and enjoys keeping fish and watching them grow. He keeps a few so they are large enough to breed. The group is able to supply between 200-300 kg per month of fish, depending on the season. Marketing is centralised, through the leader. The group sells sea bass, grouper and white snapper. Any volume or size can be ordered, just contact the leader. Name of Leader: Mr Sombon Chaisanee Address: 299 M6, T. Tha Kham, A. Palian, Trang Telephone Number: 0869519762 Importance to Co-Management and Coastal Resource Management: The group has stopped destructive fishing practices and now members actively participate in conserving habitats and increasing marine fish resources used in their livelihood activities. Tha Kham Fish Cage Group The group is based at Baan Torn Harn, and the 21 members were once all illegal push net users. They wanted to change to a legal live- lihood as the resources were getting depleted and they felt ostracized by others. In 2005, With help from CHARM, the group grew fish in 21 chambers and paid 100 Baht monthly into a revolving fund to expand activities. A second grant allowed Membership to expand to 38 and together they manage over 70 cham- bers in several sub-groups of 3-4 members. The group has a small revolving fund capital, but has over 200,000 baht out on loans sup- porting fish cage production. Now only new members can apply for the 5,000 Baht group support to set up cages.