First Impression Is The Best Impression

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First Impression Is The Best Impression


  • 1. How to make First Impression

2. Impression is Important
4 Seconds enough to make a first Impression
4 Minutes enough to make a lasting impression
Making a good impression will set any relationship off on a good foot.
7 Steps to make a Positive Impression are just 7 Clicks away
3. 1. Dress
what is seen from a distance, and the
impression cannot be changed throughout
your meeting
absolute first impression you will make on someone will be through your clothing
Impression Maker - dress according to the situation
if you aren't sure ask your best friends for an honest opinion
4. 2. Hygiene
must be fully bathed and groomed before
you meet with someone for the first time
scruffy looking people generally don't seem as neat and mature
keep your breath always fresh, keep a pack of mint gum with you wherever you go
if you sweat heavily, keep a small stick of deodorant close
5. 3. Manners
be civilized, polite and respectful
wish everyone you communicate and give a warm handshake
keep your elbows off of the table, open doors for people and address everyone-initially by their formal title
this will make a good impression on senior citizens, because you will prove that you are keen in respecting others
6. 4. Speech
have clean, clear diction and speak sans
"like" or "you know
be articulate because that inspires a feeling of intelligence and education in the person you are meeting with
make sure to speak loud enough for all to hear
7. 5. Discretion
choose what to share about yourself
try to withhold from conversations on personal subjects like religion or controversial topics
before you speak, think about the possible impact of what you might say, then imagine its effects in the long run
8. 6. Humour
humour can be your most powerful tool or
your doom, because everyone has a slightly different sense of humour
try to withhold from any jokes that aren't family or dinner table friendly
a humour might be hilarious to you might seem disgusting to another, so try to have a business humours not personal nor political
9. 7. Start and End with a Bang
whoever you are meeting with will
remember how you greet them, and then in what manner you left them
if you feel you have trouble with this, practice a few different phrases like: "pleased to meet you," or "honoured to make your acquaintance
last impression is the lasting impression