first aid. what should a first aid kit include? instructions concerning giving first aid cheesecloth...

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  • First Aid
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  • What should a first aid kit include?
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  • Instructions concerning giving first aid Cheesecloth Plasters
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  • Bandages Cotton Blankets
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  • Scissors Special sprays for bleeding or pain
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  • Thermometer Ice caps Antiseptics
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  • Antibiotics Soap Analgetics
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  • Which are the accidents that occur the most during a Marathon? Wound, trauma Twist
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  • Cramp Collapse
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  • Sunstroke Heatstroke Heart failure
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  • What can we do to avoid these accidents? A visit to the doctor should be made. Thats because an athlete should be aware of his health condition. There may be a problem that inhibits his participation to the Marathon.
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  • Following a healthy nutrition could improve our health and decrease our chances of facing problems while running.
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  • Suitable athletic shoes are necessary. We feel much better wearing them and our chances of getting hurt are decreases. If the weather conditions are good and we run under a shining sun we had better wear a cap, sunglasses and sun cream.
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  • What must we do in case someone needs help? The patient should not be moved. His removal is allowed only if he is in danger. A doctor should be called immediately. If there is bleeding, we should try to stop it very quickly by using the special spray or by binding tightly just above the trauma.
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  • If the patient cant breathe easily we should facilitate him by setting his mouth and his neck free. If the respirational problem still exists after that, we should try the artificial respiration.
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  • In case of a cramp we should: Stretch immediately the muscle that suffers from the cramp. If the cramp is on the sole or the game we had better put the whole sole on the ground and incline our body forward.
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  • Massage the stretched muscle with your punch. Put on the stretched muscle warm compresses and try to keep it warm
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  • In case of a twist we should: Hold the leg still Apply a cold compress Tie it up with elastic band Keep the leg up right
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  • Which are the symptoms of a fracture : Excruciating pain on the suffering area. Swelling of the area Difficulty of moving the member which is hurt. We need a doctor immediately


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