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Fireside poets. Dennis clemente ziggy corcuera dong lee Austin Nichols joie payumo bram salas aiko watanabe erin wong. FIRESIDE POETS. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow John Greenleaf Whittier Oliver Wendell Holmes James Russell Lowell William Cullen Bryant. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Dennis clemente ziggy corcueradong leeAustin Nicholsjoie payumobram salasaiko watanabeerin wong


+FIRESIDE POETSHenry Wadsworth Longfellow John Greenleaf WhittierOliver Wendell HolmesJames Russell LowellWilliam Cullen BryantCameron, Julia Margaret. Longfellow. 1868. JPG.Schurz, Carl. Whittier. 1907. JPG.Hawes, Josiah Johnson. Daguerreotype of Oliver Wendell Holmes. 1856. JPG.Norton, Charles Eliot. Lowell. 1855. JPG.

Mora, Jose Maria. William. 1878.

+FIRESIDE POETSSchoolroom" or "household" poetsAmerican poets to rival British poetsOverly sentimental or moralizingScholarship, political sensibilities, resilience of their linesLonger narrative poems American legends and home life +William Cullen Bryant 1794 - 1878 November 3, 1794As an infant, he was frail and sickly.Staff of the New York Evening Post.

Evans, William T. William Cullen Bryant. 1878. JPG.+William Cullen Bryant 1794 - 1878Studied Lawa thoughtful, meditative character, and makes but slight appeal to the mass of readers (Alexander K. McClure pp.62) The Illiad

+To a WaterfowlExemplifies AlienationBryant parallels the birds instincts to a "Power (Bryant, William Cullen 219) God will always go wherever you goTheme - Our faith in our God Genre - Poetry

Denney, Robert. Alabama Migratory Waterfowl Stamp Painting. 2009. JPG.+To a WaterfowlLiterary TermsFigure of SpeechApostropheMetaphorPersonificationPoetryAlliteration+ThanatopsisA peaceful view of deathComfort for the livingDeath is inevitable. Yet not to thine eternal resting-place (Bryant, William Cullen 221) Theme - Comfort of deathGenre - Poetry

Durand, Asher Brown. Thanatopsis. 1796 - 1886+ThanatopsisLiterary TermsPersonificationImagerySymbolisms+Olivier Wendell HolmesCambridge, MassachusettsHarvardPoet"Old IronsidesNotable medic and poet"The Atlantic Monthly"+Old IronsidesOliver Wendell HolmesUSS Constitution ShipTheme - PrideGenre Poetry & Dramatic

+Old IronsidesAnalysisRhymeStanzaImageryPersonificationMetaphorMeter+The Chambered NautilusSummaryLustrous CoilYear after year beheld the silent toil that spread his lustrous coil (Holmes, Oliver Wendell. 227)An example for the soulGenrePoetryThemeMotifImagery Greek Mythology

+The Chambered NautilusAnalysisStanzaRhymeIambMessage

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+Images CitedCameron, Julia Margaret. Longfellow. 1868. JPGSchurz, Carl. Whittier. 1907. JPGHawes, Josiah Johnson. Daguerreotype of Oliver Wendell Holmes. 1856. JPG.Norton, Charles Eliot. Lowell. 1855. JPG.Mora, Jose Maria. William. 1878.Evans, William T. William Cullen Bryant. 1878. JPG.Denney, Robert. Alabama Migratory Waterfowl Stamp Painting. 2009. JPG.Durand, Asher Brown. Thanatopsis. 1796 1886Moore, Richard C. Old Ironside. 1889. JPG.T.Baecher. The Chambered Nautilus. 1906.