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  • 1. Fireside Chat: Control Tower Roddy Martin (CCI) Supply Chain Thought Leader Trevor Miles (Kinaxis) vp, thought leadershipCopyright 2012 Kinaxis Inc. CONFIDENTIAL
  • 2. Roddy Martin Roddy Martin SC Transformation Thought Leader Executive South African Breweries ( SABMiller) Engineering Leadership Manufacturing Strategy IT Leadership Change Management Leadership AMR Research SC leadership CCI SVP SCCopyright 2012 Kinaxis Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 2
  • 3. Supply Chain Starts with the Buyer Choice; Is Outside-In; End to End & An Interdependent Network & Impacts Point of Starts here .. Purchase Capabilities Here Stock Outs Integrative ImprovementConsumers, Shoppers Actions & & Buyers Trade Offs Product Quality Make Choices Demand Supply On The Shelf Product Winning in New Costs to Serve Open Markets Account Profitability Innovation Complexity Costs or Embedded Risk Differentiates Risk Management Copyright 2012 Kinaxis Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 3
  • 4. Bringing The Pieces Together Into A Demand-driven Value Network based Business Operating Strategy Is A Maturity-based Transformation Journey Demand Supply Actual Market Demand ? How ng shapi and sing sen em and D STICKY GLUE Product Adapted from AMR Research Copyright 2012 Kinaxis Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 4
  • 5. The Demand-driven Value Network Framework Adapted from Product & Service Innova9on AMR Research Demand Visibility Supply Visibility Customer Consumer back Customers , Buyers, Users, Integrated Strategy, Business design Suciency & Value Network Suppliers & Partners Planning & Consumers Channel User/ Reliable, Demand Demand Protable Response Consumer/ & TranslaJon from Supply Demand Demand & Network Based Insights Management Trade Os on Demand decoupling Segmented Pull Segmented Push Copyright 2012 Kinaxis Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 5
  • 6. The 5 Stages Performance-Improvement Maturity Leaders The Promise Of IT Impact Learning End-to-end Network Average Integrative Improvement System Culture of Integrated Innovation and Functional Sharing Excellence Codified