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  • What will shape Fintech in 2016Fintech Istanbul - Meetup01.2015

    mobile money solutions

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    Who are we

    Retail Payment Brand Alternative payment w. multi-bank supportedmobile wallet & Over The Counter Payments

    (Bill Payment)

    3500 agent network MOKA managed merchant acquiring,

    acceptance network and payment processing (PSP)

    Regulated PSP Operating pursuant to a

    PSP licence and regulation by the TurkishBanking Regulation and Supervisory Agency

    (modelled after EMD/PSD)

    Core Payment Platform Built and operated in accordance with

    industry standard security and applicable global payment network certifications

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    Five Fintech Trends for 2016

    - Ecosystem growth - Bank & Fintech Collaboration - Millenials - Blockchain - New categories for disruption

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    Mobile is a key driver for Fintech

    It took 13 years to get two million customers using Internet banking; it took just two months to reach that number for mobile banking.

    Barclays Bank

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    Unbundling - Focus on delivering discrete units of value

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    Searching for new innovation space across all Fintech categories

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    Global Fintech Investment Triples

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    Global Fintech Investment Triples to US $12 bnBut global distribution is uneven

    M&A volume 2010 to 2015 in USD, ICDowson William Garrity Associates

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    Millenials - opportunity to rethink product silos

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    POS Innovation - form factor agnostic and new vertical platforms

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    Fintechs vs Banks

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    Emerging models of collaboration

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    Blockchain - 20bn USD saved cost through decentralisation

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    Financial Inclusion

    Source - GSMA Intelligence, World Bank

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    Cost efficient service delivery through mobile

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    Mobile money enabled product innovation


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    Mobile money powered ecosystems - data-driven value creation

  • Thank you.

    Ilker Uzkan Executive Board Member (International Projects)Moka A.. Istanbul, Turkey E.