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    Finnish ProFessionals is a commercial suPPlement Published by editor helsinki oy | sePtember 2012 |


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    This issue of Finnish Professionals cov-ers a wide range of companies from tech-nology to health care, from ICT to real es-tate services.Working environment is changing rap-

    idly. User-based planning is a good solu-tion for motivating skilled workers, says Petteri Kolinen, Design Director of Mar-tela. Coverglobal adds value to residents, architects and buildings with their balco-ny and terrace glazing.Increase in urban structures requires

    profound soil investigation. Innovative devices like drilling rigs are developed by Geomachine. Geological Survey of Fin-land is a European top expert in mineral resources research. Several important Finnish export com-panies, such as Metso, Wrtsil and Vais-ala, already use the expertise of JTA Con-nection, which designs and implements challenging electrical, mechanical and automation projects for the machines and equipment of its customer companies. Trafomic has exported power electron-ics to international markets for 30 years already. The expertise of Delta Enterprise consists of technological solutions de-signed for more effective production.

    Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 will be using Darepro video screens like many event venues before. Management of se-cure data erasure will become even more critical in the future as the amount of data and different platforms increases, says Blancco, expert in the field. Wellbeing is important to us as indi-viduals, it plays an important role in busi-nesses and it also affects national econo-mies. Icare measures intraocular pres-sure easily and accurately at home. The health and fitness equipment of HUR in-crease wellbeing and body condition in a preventive manner. Not to forget the Helo saunas. Sauna bathing has long-standing traditions in Finland. Actually, there are more than 3 million saunas in Finland, so in theory, all 5 million Finns could take a sauna bath at the same time! We hope that you will join us in cheering to the Finnish expertise.

    Dear reader,Finnish Professionals gives you an insight into Finnish companies active

    in international markets. They will tell customers about their solutions and services. Innovations, competence, products, and processes are all aimed

    at bringing state of the art solutions and services to the global market.


    Finnish Professionals

    DESiGn & REal EStatE3 comfort of working environment as

    motivational factor increases4 Finnish innovation conquering the world5 better profits for real estate investors

    inDUStRY & tECHnOlOGY6 Finland ranks high for competitiveness6 Geomachine oy aims to become a full-

    service geohouse7 Geological survey of Finland european top

    expert in mineral resources research8 Full service automation company Jta-connection is growing and

    internationalizing9 speed and reliability for electrical

    engineering solutions10 the goal: smart production

    HEaltH & WEll BEinG11 sauna culture from Finland to the world by

    helo Group12 icare one for home use measures

    intraocular pressure quickly and gently13 Physical fitness training is a positive drug for

    the mind and body

    inFORMatiOn & COMMUniCatiOn tECHnOlOGY14 intelligent phone bills cut mobile costs

    significantly15 an unknown Finn at the top of its field15 blancco, Finnish Pioneer in data erasure

    performs the ultimate data Vanishing actFinnish Professionals by Editor Helsinki Oy

    Editor Helsinki & Finnish Professionals Finnish Professionals is a publication produced by Editor Helsinki Oy. Editor Helsinki is an independent expert in business communications. We work in close co-operation with the leading media houses and reach the business decision makers in Finland. For additional information, please contact Valtteri Rantalainen, +358 9 42412223. Production team: Managing producer Valtteri Rantalainen, Producer Lauri Putkinen, Art Director Pirja Krki, Editors: Maarit Reingoldt, Mia Heiskanen, Satuanna Tikkanen, Kati Knuuttila, Eila Aalto, Tero Elsil, Maaret Vkinen. English translation: Knnstoimisto Printed by Hansaprint.

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    When the surroundings are in order, people are more motivated and thus more efficient.

    The future is looking rosy to the employee. Work can be done wherever and however they wish to, and even when work is performed at the office, they can choose whether they want to be availa-ble in the common spaces or whether they want to retreat to a quiet area. User-based space planning and smart ergonomics tailor optimal surround-ings for all kinds of needs. The work culture in IT companies has long

    been going in this direction but the rules will also be changing in other fields, especially when Generation Y enters the job markets. This generation, which has spent its entire life in the digital world, will consider flexible working possibilities as a given, says Petteri Kolinen, Design Director of Martela.

    Comfortable surroundings increase effectiveness of work Another interesting thing about Generation Y is that their values are slightly different. They want work to be socially inspiring and developing, net-works need to be working, the work place must be

    comfortable, and they must have fun at work. It may even be that working will become so flexible people no longer need to retire. Therefore companies must respond to the de-

    mand. Working conditions must be made com-fortable. When the surroundings are in order, people are more motivated and thus more effi-cient. In addition, all studies have shown that per-sonnel satisfaction is directly linked to customer satisfaction.

    Significance of company reputation increases A futures study by Martela also clearly shows that the significance of brands is growing. This also means that company image, i.e. its reputation, will play an ever increasing role in vying for market shares and experts. How companies treat their employees is a ma-

    jor part of their brand. Responsibility, values and transparency are also important. And all this must be visible online, where much of the company im-age is created, as well as in the office solutions.

    Comfort of working environment as motivational factor increasesInformation workers will be spending less and less time at their work stations. When working methods change, so will the work environment even radically, according to some futures studies. Companies need to adapt to this if they in-tend to stay in the race.

    Comprehensive service also includes Outlet The Outlet channel ( is part of the responsibility of Martela; the chan-nel is used to sell used office furniture. Furniture received from different projects, and which can-not be repaired, will be disassembled, sorted and delivered to be used either in energy supply or as secondary raw material. The comprehensive service plays a major part

    for us. Thats why were not simply talking about furniture; instead, we determine how the custom-er operates, what they want from their premises and what kinds of changes are needed. We deter-mine who needs peace and quiet to work and who is better off working close to each other, how the efficiency of office work can be improved, or what kind of message the work environment is sup-posed to send.

    User-orientation extremely important User-orientation is an extremely important fac-tor. We are currently finishing design instructions for acoustically and ergonomically optimal mul-ti-purpose spaces in connection to the TOTI re-search project. The idea behind it is to divide of-fice spaces into zones: spaces which are open to all, partially open spaces and closed spaces. These can be further divided into communication areas where people can talk, quiet areas where people can work without interruption, and into differ-ent variations of these: different kinds of meeting and recreational spaces which can be modified ac-cording to use. MRG

    Petteri kolinen, design director of martela


    o: s

    ami P



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    Finnish innovation conquering the world COVERGLOBAL is a forerunner of balcony and terrace glazing. The company is proud of the Finnish expertise exported to about 30 countries around the world. Their success is promoted by their understanding of different cultures and their multi-cultural core team.

    COVER Customer program helps local actors develop their own businesses.

    both in Europe and in the United States; in addi-tion, we are constantly conducting our own tests, thus maintaining product safety and high quality requirements.

    the global business concept is expanding The success of COVER is strongly based on long-term global partnership. The strength of our operation lies in our mo-

    tivated and multi-cultural core team which is able to serve customers in six different languages. In addition to Finns, the team has employed people from Asia, Africa and South America. We feel that it is important to truly understand the culture and conditions of the country our products are sold in and where our partner is operating in; we also ac-cept diversity. That is our strength. Berner says that COVER has developed a cus-

    tomer program to support its partners; the com-pany uses the program to help local actors devel-op their own businesses. The program includes training a