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  • 1. Finding nemoWhen Nemo and his Dad are re-united.

2. Summery of this scene In this scene we seeMarlin, The fatherclownfish being re-united with his sonNemo, after a longsearch for himfollowing his Both fatherfrom son areabduction andoverjoyed to be back togetherSydney harbour.again, thanks to the help of 3. Setting: This scene isset in theGreat barrierReef in thecoral sea,Queensland,Australia. Thisis the worlds 4. Sound effects During this scene, he hear a scholl of fishyelling keep swimming to break thefishing net, they were caught in. We thanhear the fish scream with happiness whenthey get freed and Marlin and Nemo are re-united once again. We hear the bubbling of the water and alsothe swishing of the sea as the pair swim theirway home. 5. Costumes and lighting In this scene Marlin isorange and white incolour and has a In this scene, theblack trim on this fins.ocean is a veryHe has also whitedark colour in thiseyes. scene to emphasis the However Nemo is the depth of the sea..same but is muchsmaller in size than hisfather. 6. Camera angle: In this scene, the camera angles aremostly facing from a side view, while othertimes the camera looks down upon thesea creatures to give the emphasis of ahumans perspective. 7. Link: 8. Thank you! By Kelsey Davis