Find whether you are workaholic or not before it's too late

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Find Whether You Are Workaholic Or Not Before It's Too Late

Being surrounded by pile of files, sleeping in office and no time for personal life only implies one thing that the person is workaholic. Being always overloaded with work is something which can lead to serious health diseases. It's good to prioritize your work than any other thing. But always think twice before getting hitched to your company.How to know whether you are going through same stage or not?It's very simple just go through following points and analyze yourself so:1. Going through hypertension when work is not completed on time: Being suffered from over anxiety, feeling of getting the work completed on time desperately brings down many complicated issues with itself.2. A complete cut off from social world: yes you heard it right, the pressure of your labor sometimes even made one reluctant of social world. It is always said that human being is social animal. But after working for so long day, the life of that person become poorer than even any animal.3.Shouting and Shouting: Working day and night continuously releases stress hormones. And, when those stress starts accumulating gives rise to a burst of anger. Just think how many times your colleagues, your junior and seniors complained of your weird behavior.4. No time for your own personal space: After getting married to your work. Everything gets changed, whether it is grooming yourself, dating someone, going for shopping; stuff like that now seems alien to yourself.5. When Disease becomes your relatives: Overlooking even small symptoms of bad health can lead to chronic illness. Now this illness could be anything it could be insomnia, getting dark circles around eyes, puffy eyes, a small headache to migraines, depression and the list is endless.6. Left with no vision in life: The zeal and enthusiasm to work is always on. But the fuel required to run that engine always lies exhausted. No aim no motto lefts in life.What to do to run from this catch 22 situation1. Involve in social gathering: Whether its your moms birthday or it is some office party or some sort of seminar. Don't miss even a single chance to be there because these gatherings are always meant for your own sake.2. A complete week for vacation: The best thing to cut the tension is to travel to your favorite places. Do all the adventure that once thrills you. Let the child inside you to come outside who is screaming to enjoy the life.3. Meditation and Yoga: Ruminate for just 20 minutes with full peace and see the difference in your attitude towards your life or towards everything. Who doesn't like being loved by everyone but, a bad behavior could ruin your life.4. Indulge in Social work: Be its office or your home or any other place just always try being a helping hand to others. After seeing a smile on others face, your whole sorrow and pain would vanish.5. Pamper yourself: Try to take time for your own. Go to any spa or relax there or if your hands are tight, then you can create your own spa at your home, just try to take out any old bench or any kind of table. Properly cushioned it and your massage table is ready for use. Similarly you can arrange a group spa at your home. But be prepared for large number of massage beds for such a massage sessions.

Always remember a happier person is much more productive to the company than any ordinary non happy person. Deal with your stress like you deal with your work and then see the real you. Revitalize your energy and see the fuel injected in your body. Work is worship until or unless that same work hover over your mind and ruin your life.


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