Find More Storage in Your Baby Nursery

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Find More Storage in Your Baby Nursery

It\'s common to have a normal sized room but find it hard to fit in all the necessary baby nursery items that are bulky. Once the crib, glider and other large furniture items are put together, the room can feel cramped. What is the best way to use your space with what you need but keep it tidy and still have room for everything? Double your storage by making better use of furniture as storage as well as decor. This will help your baby nursery be organized, clean and make your room feel larger.

One area that is underutilized is the closet. You can make your baby nursery closet into an area not just for clothes but books and toys, too. Shop for closet organization systems that come with shelves, hanging poles and more to get your ideas started for the space. Some brands make closet kits where you are able to create your own combination of where the shelving or poles go so that it better meets your needs.

If you have room for a bookcase, consider buying one with 9, 12, or 15 predesigned partitions. You can maximize the space that the bookcase takes up by using part of it for books and then unnecessary other compartments to put fabric bins in. The fabric bins can house toys, clothes, or anything else that needs nice, safe space to be stored in. If you don\'t have a bookcase, you can make a small area for baby\'s library or add pull out bins to have toys organized on one clean space.

A baby changing table isn\'t a necessity, but it can be a great area to organize small items. Changing tables can also be kept in the room after the baby outgrows the nursery. Choosing a changing table that has shelves under it gives you maximum storage in the space without adding additional storage pieces. You can use fabric bins under shelves when baby is small to keep the diapers and lotions in one space. Some brands even make the fabric bins in popular room themes or to match baby crib bedding.

Lastly a toy box is a great furniture piece, storage area and can be painted to match your room. Many craft stores offer painted wooden toy boxes at great prices. If you prefer a predesigned one, you can purchase toy boxes that are more contemporary in both themes as well as design. What a functional idea for your baby nursery!

Determine what you need and want, then get creative! You\'ll find more room in your baby nursery than you knew was there!