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DESCRIPTION - nyc financial planner provides bets services business returns, personal returns, nonprofit returns and sales tax returns.


  • Financial Planning - For a Secure Future

    Financial planning is a term which has come into much prominence since the beginning of 90s and its value has only seen an ascent till date. To define financial planning, we may simply put it to be a consulting and advisory service which involves advising professionals and businesses to plan and manage the finances both personal and professional. The larger picture of financial planning covers cash flow management, wealth management, capital management, risk management and filing taxes and estimating profits of the company, financial planning is all these and much more. Firms like AKMCPA or Adelman Katz and Mond LLP in NYC and Manhattan have made fame as reliable and have reckoned for their panache in this field.

    Profile of a Certified Financial Planner:

    A certified financial planner from a reputed house like AKMCPA is a professional who prepares and manages finances of entrepreneurs to close held businesses.

    Understanding the key requirements of the clients and planning the budget and business expenses and acquisitions form a part of the profile of CFP.

    An NYC CFP has tailor made strategies for planning finances.

    NYC Financial Planning requires the planner to keep alert to sense any change in the share market and handle stock in an appropriate way.

    The foremost duty of Manhattan financial planner is to provide financial security to his clients and gauge the market and make the most of every opportune moment to make money.

    Areas covered in Financial Planning:

    Assisting in every financial matter of the clients is the main task of financial planning. Earlier, the scope of investment and growth of a business was restricted due to distances and lack of knowledge and specialization in key areas. However now, with the progression of technology, the world has shrunk and almost everyone can handle business and manage business worldwide. It has also necessitated the importance of NYC CFP Professionals who will assess your business, categorize it and manage it wisely.

    The key areas of focus of a modern day financial planner or a very thorough NYC CFP of AKCMPA addresses are:

    Investment planning

    Insurance planning

    Risk management

  • Tax Planning

    Estate Planning

    Retirement Planning

    Cash Flow and Liability Management

    Relationship Management

    Business is all about money and to make profit. It is very essential to generate money too. The NYC Financial Planners like AKMCPA have always understood the importance of clients business and have gone to lengths to manage and review audits.