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<ul><li> 1. Financial Institutions &amp;Financial Institutions &amp; MarketsMarkets Dr. L. MishraDr. L. Mishra .. </li> <li> 2. Indian Financial SystemIndian Financial System Indian Financial System Financial Markets Financial Institutions Financial Instruments Financial Services </li> <li> 3. Financial MarketsFinancial Markets Financial Markets Primary Market Secondary Market </li> <li> 4. Secondary MarketsSecondary Markets Secondary MarketsSecondary Markets Market makingMarket making : Giving two-way: Giving two-way quotes (buying &amp; selling rates) onquotes (buying &amp; selling rates) on an instrument with the purpose ofan instrument with the purpose of creating a secondary market.creating a secondary market. Market making can be done byMarket making can be done by the Institution which has issuedthe Institution which has issued the instrument or by anotherthe instrument or by another institution for a fee.institution for a fee. InstrumentsInstruments SecondarySecondary MarketsMarkets Stocks &amp; BondsStocks &amp; Bonds Stock ExchangesStock Exchanges GovernmentGovernment SecuritiesSecurities SBI-DFHI LtdSBI-DFHI Ltd Money MarketMoney Market InstrumentsInstruments SBI-DFHI LtdSBI-DFHI Ltd CommoditiesCommodities CommodityCommodity ExchangesExchanges DerivativesDerivatives Stock &amp;Stock &amp; CommodityCommodity ExchangesExchanges ForeignForeign RBI, ForexRBI, Forex </li> <li> 5. Financial MarketsFinancial Markets Financial Markets Money Market Capital Market Derivatives Market Commodity Market Foreign Exchange Market </li> <li> 6. Financial InstitutionsFinancial Institutions Financial Institutions Financial Intermediaries Regulatory Institutions Other Service Providers </li> <li> 7. Intermediation &amp;Intermediation &amp; DisintermediationDisintermediation Cash FlowCash Flow IntermediationIntermediation DisintermediationDisintermediation Savers/ Investors Bank As Intermediary Borrowers </li> <li> 8. Regulatory InstitutionsRegulatory Institutions Institutions / MarketsInstitutions / Markets RegulatorRegulator BanksBanks Reserve Bank of India (RBI), GOIReserve Bank of India (RBI), GOI Non-Banking Financial CompaniesNon-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)(NBFCs) RBIRBI Forex MarketForex Market RBIRBI Money MarketMoney Market RBIRBI Capital MarketCapital Market Securities &amp; Exchange Board ofSecurities &amp; Exchange Board of India (SEBI)India (SEBI) Capital Market ParticipantsCapital Market Participants &amp; Service Providers (mutual Funds,&amp; Service Providers (mutual Funds, ETFs, Credit Rating Agencies etc)ETFs, Credit Rating Agencies etc) SEBISEBI </li> <li> 9. Regulatory InstitutionsRegulatory Institutions Institutions / MarketsInstitutions / Markets RegulatorRegulator Commodities MarketCommodities Market Forward MarketsForward Markets Commission (FMC)Commission (FMC) Insurance Market &amp;Insurance Market &amp; InstitutionsInstitutions Insurance Regulatory &amp;Insurance Regulatory &amp; Development AuthorityDevelopment Authority (IRDA)(IRDA) Pension FundsPension Funds Pension Fund RegulatoryPension Fund Regulatory &amp; Development Authority&amp; Development Authority (PFRDA)(PFRDA) Derivatives MarketDerivatives Market SEBI, FMC, RBI, GOISEBI, FMC, RBI, GOI </li> <li> 10. Banking InstitutionsBanking Institutions Banking Institutions Commercial Banking Institutions Development Banking Institutions Investment Banking Institutions </li> <li> 11. Banking InstitutionsBanking Institutions Banks Commercial Banks Co-operative Banks Public Sector Banks (N-19, IDBI &amp; SBI Group) Old Private Sector Banks New Private Sector Banks Regional Rural Banks </li> <li> 12. Mixed &amp; Universal BankingMixed &amp; Universal Banking Mixed &amp; Universal BankingMixed &amp; Universal Banking ++ = Mixed Banking= Mixed Banking + + =+ + = Universal BankingUniversal Banking Commercial Banking Development Banking Commercial Banking Development Banking Investment Banking </li> <li> 13. Development Financial InstitutionsDevelopment Financial Institutions SectorSector Development FinancialDevelopment Financial Institution (DFI)Institution (DFI) Medium &amp; Large Scale IndustryMedium &amp; Large Scale Industry IFCIIFCI SME SectorSME Sector SIDBISIDBI InfrastructureInfrastructure IDFCIDFC Agriculture &amp; Rural DevelopmentAgriculture &amp; Rural Development NABARDNABARD Foreign TradeForeign Trade Export &amp; Import Bank of IndiaExport &amp; Import Bank of India HousingHousing National Housing Bank (NHB)National Housing Bank (NHB) TourismTourism Tourism Finance Corporation of IndiaTourism Finance Corporation of India (TFCI)(TFCI) </li> <li> 14. Other Service ProvidersOther Service Providers Credit Rating AgenciesCredit Rating Agencies (ICRA, CRISIL, CARE)(ICRA, CRISIL, CARE) Factoring CompaniesFactoring Companies (SBI Factors,, Foremost Factors)(SBI Factors,, Foremost Factors) Depository CompaniesDepository Companies (NSDL, CDSL)(NSDL, CDSL) Leasing &amp; Hire Purchase CompaniesLeasing &amp; Hire Purchase Companies ( Tata Finance )( Tata Finance ) Venture Capital CompaniesVenture Capital Companies (TDICI, RCTFC)(TDICI, RCTFC) Housing Finance CompaniesHousing Finance Companies (HDFC, DHFL)(HDFC, DHFL) Mutual FundsMutual Funds (ICICI MF, HDFC MF)(ICICI MF, HDFC MF) Exchange Traded FundsExchange Traded Funds (Gold ETFs)(Gold ETFs) </li> <li> 15. Financial InstrumentsFinancial Instruments Zero Coupon BondsZero Coupon Bonds Deep Discount BondsDeep Discount Bonds Convertible BondsConvertible Bonds ADRs/GDRsADRs/GDRs Foreign Currency Bonds (Yankee, Bulldog, Samurai)Foreign Currency Bonds (Yankee, Bulldog, Samurai) Euro- Dollar BondsEuro- Dollar Bonds Treasury BillsTreasury Bills Dated Securities (G-Secs)Dated Securities (G-Secs) Commercial PapersCommercial Papers Certificate of DepositsCertificate of Deposits Preference SharesPreference Shares Call MoneyCall Money </li> </ul>