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  • 1.Financial Professionals Why should you join?

2. Who should join?

  • Certified Financial Advisors (CFA)
  • Wealth Managers
  • Insurance Advisors
  • FINRA and SEC regulated Representatives
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

3. Why should I join?

  • The existing social networks are primarily for personal use
  • Lets face it, your personal life is your business, but its not good for business!
  • Separate the personal from the professional by using linkedFA
  • Connect to your investors to grow your relationships and your business!

4. linkedFA was built for business, your business!

  • Your investors profiles are focused on investment interests to assist you in meeting their needs
  • Any investor invitation to join linkedFA automatically becomes a part of your network a rich source of referrals
  • Your investors can stayanonymous within your network if desired to protect their privacy
  • linkedFA has anti-poaching features!
    • Your investors not discoverable in other FA searches
    • Other FAs in your network cant see your investor's identity
  • linkedFA offers robust and private document sharing
  • Live chat assistance from 8AM until 8 PM EST

5. linkedFA assists in meeting FINRA Compliance Rules?

  • Storesallcommunications between a financial professional and his investors for a minimum of six years
  • Includes all the shared content, such as documents and reports shared, blog posts, even photos and videos, along with any comments made to same.
  • You can create custom compliance reports whenever desired
  • Comments to any shared document stay private. Viewable only to those with whom the document has been shared assists with FINRA suitability rules
    • no social networking updates to linkedFA members Homepages on document comments

6. What else does linkedFA offer FAs?

  • Best-in-breed social media tools:
  • linkedFAs networking tools allow an FA to create profiles and upload videos, pictures, daily blogs and research reports for existing investors, future investors, recruiters, employing firms, and other FAs to view
  • Through linkedFA, FAs have the ability to connect and communicate with all of his or her investors and other industry professionals simultaneously in a robust, professional and personalized social networking environment.

7. Reputation Management Features

  • FA pre-approval authority over any comments made on any of their shared content prior to the system making it viewable by any others within the FAs network
    • Protects the FAs reputation and ensures he has control over what is shown to his network within linkedFA
  • FA has three customizable profiles depending on who is viewing the profile
  • Purpose-driven site separates the personal from the professional

8. Robust Privacy

  • linkedFAs design paradigm enforces privacy and prevents unauthorized disclosure of personal or confidential information
  • Robust, customizable privacy settings
    • No minimum disclosure of information
  • No third party applications to expose personal data
  • When any linkedFA member sees a social network post from another linkedFA member who is not in his network, the identity of the non-network member is hidden by the system displaying the members nickname only
  • System prevents accessing of the out-of-network members information
  • FAs not accessible to recruiters in-site searches unless allowed by FA
    • Even if searchable, only nickname and geographic location displayed in search results

9. Enterprise Class Security:

  • The system protects itself and its users from robots, spyware, malware, viruses
  • The application is designed to prevent security breaches
  • Security certificate provides trusted authority and strong encryption up to 2048 bit for browsers that can support same for users communications with the linkedFA system
  • linkedFAs application code protects the system against exposure of parameter values, common SQL attacks, and exposure of database-specific entities
  • linkedFAs databases are secured by configuration, encryption, and code interfaces
    • Data is backed up and stored offsite providing geographic data redundancy
  • Application interfaces and libraries are secured; a services layer precludes direct access to the data; and passwords are encrypted and securely stored

10. Why would my investors want to connect with me on linkedFA?

  • For the same reasons you do!
  • Investors are also concerned about their privacy, reputation and security!
  • Investors are consumers of social media:
    • One out of every four U.S. online adults is engaged in social media that deals specifically with personal finance and investing.
    • High net-worth online adults usage of social media for investing outpaces that of the general population.
    • Nearly two-thirds of high net-worth investors say that peer-generated content they find online about personal investing and finance has an influence over their financial purchasing behaviors and decisions.

11. How can I leverage linkedFA to grow my business?

  • Invite your investors to join!
  • Use linkedFAs many features to engage your investors in an ongoing conversation about their investments and your insight to their needs
  • Ask your investors to invite their friends to join!
    • They become a part of your network!
  • Fully 60% of advisers who relied on social media generated at least 16 leads per year, according to the survey Online Marketing Methods: Planner Best Practices, Financial Planning Association, May, 2009

12. How can linkedFA assist me in my career?

  • Recruiters who place financial professionals in new jobs have joined linkedFA looking for candidates like you!
  • Fill out your resume and the custom profile that only recruiters can see
  • You remain anonymous to recruiters until you accept the invitation to discuss an opportunity
  • Invite and connect to your industry colleagues to stay in the loop and learn about new opportunities

13. Join linkedFA today! Its Free. Take control of the social media conversation and leverage financial media to grow your business!