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Becoming Financially Responsible

Content MapBecoming Financially ResponsiblePresenterGet Out (or Stay Out) of DebtAdvice from Dave RamseyDont Be Afraid To DownsizeBuying a HomeCan You Spot the Good vs. Bad Financial Images?

Bio-diesel (copied slide)Your CarKeep Track of Your ExpensesIdentity FraudAreas To Begin Improving OnCreditsIn ConclusionCassandra Anderson

PresenterMy name is Cassandra Anderson and I am the presenter/creator of this presentations.I believe at one point in our lives we all struggle with finances, especially throughout our younger years. So from my personal experience as well as some research, I put this together to help anyone who may be struggling with their finances right now. Enjoy!Cassandra Anderson

Get Out (or Stay Out) of DebtIf you attempt to start being financially responsible while in debt, the debt will continue to grow (thanks to those interest rates) and you will have a harder time becoming financially stable.If you are in debt, try to put together a plan of making payments to get rid of it.Cassandra Anderson

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Advice from Dave RamseyBelow is a 5 minute video of Dave Ramsey, well known author and host of the Dave Ramsey Show, about becoming financially responsible.Click here to visit Dave Ramsey's Website!

Cassandra Anderson

Dave Ramsey host his own talk show and has written multiple books all about helping people out of debt. He has helped more than thousands of everyday people shed the weight of there debt as well as smart goals and plans for their future. If you are just starting to take your finances seriously, I highly recommend skimming through one of his books or tuning into one of his shows.5Dont Be Afraid To DownsizeBig houses and fancy cars may look nice, but they are extremely expensive. You could downsize to a house that fits your family, and an average car that suits your needs and save money. Also, see what unnecessary expenses you have and cut them out.Cassandra Anderson

Buying a HomeThis is a family who bought a house that was within their budget, which they can pay off in 8 years.This is a family who bought a house they couldnt afford, so not only are they in debt because of it, the home was foreclosed.Cassandra Anderson

Can You Spot the Good vs. Bad Financial Images?Cassandra Anderson

Bio-diesel (copied slide)Positive: it is affordable, renewable, easy for the average person to make, and can be a higher quality than fossil fuel based diesel, can be used in diesel engines with no modificationNegative: it is still a combustible fuel which means it still has harmful emissionsYour CarNew cars cost more, and depreciate faster.Find a used car that is still in good condition and will last a few years.If you have an older car that you think wont last longer, compare the cost of all repairs versus a new vehicle.Also compare auto insurers, these days companies have you paying for more than you need.Cassandra Anderson

Keep Track of Your ExpensesHow often do you look at your bank account and think it is too low, and there is no way you spent that much?Many people use the ease of swiping a credit card, or writing checks because it takes a few days to be withdrawn from their account. without actually keeping track of how much they are really spending, and by the time the bank or credit card statement comes in, the damage is done.Find a way that is easier for you to keep track so you know how much money you have spent, even if it hasnt reflected on your bank account yet.Cassandra Anderson

Identity FraudIdentity fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in America.Take every precaution you can to not let this crime affect you.Once your identity is stolen and your bank account drained, it is almost impossible to get your hard earned and saved money back.Cassandra Anderson

Areas To Begin Improving OnCassandra Anderson

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In Conclusion Only YOU can give yourself the financial future you deserve!You will never possess what you do not pursueCassandra Anderson