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  • Social Media Marketing Strategy for Converse ADV 892-Social Media Drivers License Miao Wang 11.28.2010
  • Challenges of Converse
    • Appeal to young generation
    • Innovation
    • Competition
  • Goals of Converse
    • Increase the brand preference among young generations
    • Broaden the target market
    • Taking advantages of social media online to increase the traffic to Converse website
    • The target market: Generation Y (born between 1977-1998)
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • Social media:
    • The target market is the largest population who is active in social media world
    • Much inexpensive
    • Social media marketing strategies:
    • Official Blog for Converse
    • Converse Channel on YouTube
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • Official Blog for Converse
    • Set up an official blog for Converse
    • The purpose of the blog:
    • To communicate with consumers
    • Fans of Converse communicating with each other
    • Converse listening to what consumers are thinking about Converse
  • YouTube Channel
    • YouTube---the largest video site in the worldwide.
    • Converse can do with YouTube:
    • Set up a Converse Channel on YouTube;
    • Put promoted Converse video on YouTube website whenever people search for shoes, Converse advertising video will appear
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • In order to show in the top of the rank
    • in Google search, we have to increase our SEO.
    • Optimize the search results by keywords,
    • links, landing page and website content:
    • Keywords: sneakers, sports shoes, canvas shoes, comfortable shoes, etc.
    • As for the landing page and website content---be fashionable and eye-catching to appeal our target marketGeneration Y.
  • Metrics of the Success
    • The official blog: count the clicks and replies on the official blog to measure the website visits everyday.
    • The YouTube Channel: see how many followers are in Converse channel and how many followers increase everyday.
    • Google Analytics: figure out how much traffic leads to Converse website everyday and how many would result in the final purchase behavior
  • Budget Allocation and Timeline
    • As for the timeline: all those advertisings are
    • around the whole year.
    • The budget allocation: The whole budget would
    • be $200.000.
    • The official blog---20%, 40,000.
    • Converse Channel on YouTube---10%, 20,000.
    • The production and regulation of promoted video on YouTube---20% 40,000.
    • SEO strategy---40%, 80,000.
    • The metrics of the success---10%, 20,000.
  • Thank You!