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  • 1. Performance Institute & Sports Medicine Inc. (PRISM Physical Therapy) Proposal to Enhance the PRISM Website for a Greater Overall Experience Delivered to Todd Minear and Laura Tobe1

2. Overview Introduction The Opportunity Benefits and Risks Final Recommendations2 3. Introduction The internet is one of the best sources for a business in todays era and having a successful website is very important. Making changes to websites are very important. To help PRISM we are going to change and enhance their website.3 4. The Opportunity The Current Situation Key Success Factors Analysis of Alternatives Strategic Option4 5. The Opportunity The Current Situation Website is too plain and needs more features. Increase the quality of the site. As well as make the visual experience for the audience better.5 6. The Opportunity Key Success Factors Please the audience.Changing the website in a certain amount of time.Make the right choices. 6 7. The Opportunity Analysis of Alternatives Make another website from scratch.Not changing the website at all. 7 8. The Opportunity Strategic Solution Option Best strategic solution is to make changes to the website. Fresh new look. Dont have to start from scratch. Nice and quick. Will look better than leaving it plain.8 9. Benefits More details. Better colors. Colors that give off better vibe. Nicer background colors. Less stress off eyes.Improved navigation for easy use.9 10. Benefits More specific information. Employee information. History of company.Added images and pictures. Facility pictures. Equipment. Employees pictures. 10 11. Risks People dont like the changes.Bad Maintenance. Not meeting the deadline. Making it too complicated. 11 12. Final Recommendations Will help the website dramatically.More features will bring in newer customers. The audience will like the change. Will make an overall greater experience! 12 13. References, B., &Snyder, G.L. (2014). Business Communication: Polishing Your Professional Presence. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.13