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  • 1. MARKETING PLAN 2013 FOR HALLS SITUATION ANALYSIS 5Cs Company Competitors Customers Collaborators Climate PEST analysis for Climate the political the economic and the social environment technological analysis,which all affect the decision and the action of Halls.

2. SITUATION ANALYSIS CONTINUES SWOT analysis: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats of the company. Porter Model (5 Factors): 1.The entrance of new competitors in the sector 2.The rivalry among the already existed businesses 3.The power of consumers for negotiations 4.The power of dealers for negotiations 5.The threat coming from by-products 3. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: Sugar free caramels Disposed on the market in 6 tastes Consist the total brand of candies worldwide Patent prize for the recipe menthol-eucalyptus More than 50% sales on caramels for cough Convenient package Smaller form Weaknesses: Hardly distinction of packaging Deceived package Mostly suitable for cough All tastes(26) are not available in Greece Identified mostly for sore throat 4. Opportunities: Pleasant breathing with a fruity taste Successful campaign of the Halls Coolwave Reliable brand name supports new products Import of new tastes from abroad Threats: The chewing gums for fresh breath Prejudiced against Halls new products Big competition (e.g.. Mentos) 5. Business Objective To promote the new products without downgrade the Original Halls 1. Enjoyable caramels with medical character (Original Halls) 2. Suitable for any season and any mood (CoolWave Halls) POSITIONING Halls plays the role not only of a magician who gives you the opportunity to vanish any inconvenient moment, but also the role of a protector who keeps an eye always on you. A deep breath and set go! 6. TARGETING Has not target groups based on age, sex, social-economic status and race . Focuses on groups for -sore throat and - fresh breath 4Ps Product: We bring new tastes, not change the original product (caramel) Price: We keep the price stabilized as the product does not change. Place: We still have as places for sales the kiosks and the supermarkets. Promotion 7. NEW PACKAGES FOR HALLS ORIGINALNEW PACKAGES FOR HALLS ORIGINAL 8. NEW PACKAGES FOR HALLS COOLWAVENEW PACKAGES FOR HALLS COOLWAVE 9. NEW PACKAGES FOR HALLS HARMONYNEW PACKAGES FOR HALLS HARMONY 10. PROMOTION-IDEAS FOR THE NEW TASTES: Introduce an interactive machine to promote the new tastes-> Give me five, Sponsorships in the concerts of cool music bands Organisation of competitions in the context of the already existent slogan Take a deep breath and you get it. Sponsorship in youth music shows Indeed all these could be embodied in a timetable like the following: September:September: beginning the new season in schools, unis, central places in towns with people dressed like caramels and share the new tastes. December:December: Events concerning the celebrations, similar to those that were organized during summer for the Coolwave ones February:February: Holding events in view of Halloween such as maskers parties and competitions for the best handmade uniform with the slogan Take a deep breath and let your imagination lead you April- May:April- May: Halls as a company to do the support on events that students will have organized. (e.g. Schoolwave) July- AugustJuly- August: Sponsorship to concerts in different places in the world ! 11. Thank you for your attention! Teams co-operated: 4 kai kati: Gewrgia Koumpoura Athina Mastoraki Nikos Danos Thanos Poulos Panagiwtis Theodwropoulos Domino: Myrsini Zarda Lilian Glarou Eirini Swpasoudaki


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