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Whirlpool Final Mile Richmond L703Annual Account AssessmentSeptember 2015Prepared by: Christopher Miller


Nick Schurb, Ron Jackson, Anthony Davis, Royce Cotman, Ernest Astre, Russell GistLDC OFFICE STAFF AND DELIVERY PERSONNEL

#Tameka Scott: Ops. Admin. Assistant IV


#Budget Assumptions versus Actual: Assets

#Budget Assumptions versus Actual: Activity

#Budget Assumptions versus Actual: Revenue and CostSaving over 8% thus far this year on labor in relation to revenue compared to 2014MF site (MGT Cons't) from Feb-July 2014

#Co Mingle CustomersABF, CORF, COZZ, KITH, EURO, JOYB Not budgetted

#Co Mingle Customers (cont)TMPR Not budgetted


Out for Military training in May, Undelivered is all SHOS not scanned correctly into warehouse.

#CVD VDA LogOver 13 combined shuttles since started practice of utilizing our shuttles in this way. We continue to combine shuttles and have much better communication between us and RDC / Penske.

#Controllable Variable Costs versus Budget

#Invoice Audit

#Payroll AuditDriverCross Dock PayDaily Base PayDelivery ServicesMajor UnitsMileage PayStop PayClass A $ 12.00 $ 30.00 $ 0.38 $ 0.39 $ 0.48 $ 2.25 Class B $ 12.00 $ 30.00 $ 0.36 $ 0.38 $ 0.28 $ 2.00 Non-CDL $ 12.00 $ 30.00 $ 0.30 $ 0.38 $ 0.25 $ 2.00 SCHN45 $ 12.00 $ 30.00 $ 0.38 $ 0.39 $ 0.48 $ 2.25 JACR0 $ 12.00 $ 30.00 $ 0.31 $ 0.39 $ 0.26 $ 2.25 DAVA5 $ 12.00 $ 30.00 $ 0.30 $ 0.38 $ 0.25 $ 2.00 GISR0 $ 12.00 $ 30.00 $ 0.30 $ 0.38 $ 0.25 $ 2.00 KENK $ 12.00 $ 30.00 $ 0.36 $ 0.38 $ 0.48 $ 2.00

#Payroll Audit16-Jul23-Jul30-Jul6-Aug13-Aug20-AugAvg. 52 weekSCHN45 $1,178.45 $1,007.93 $713.63 $1,222.07 $1,184.13 $1,208.24 $ 56,458.57 JACR0 $ 804.65 $ 867.27 $789.58 $ 834.30 $ 796.92 $ 768.78 $ 42,133.00 DAVA5 $ 731.47 $ 798.79 $794.15 $ 688.53 $ 617.70 $ 728.81 $ 37,781.90 GISR0 $ 767.74 $ 795.74 $817.40 $ 697.69 $ 639.13 $ 769.50 $ 38,889.07 KENK $ - $ - $ - $ - $ 954.52 $ 917.88 $ 16,227.47

#Driver / License / Turnover ExpectationsWe plan on adding a 6th driver, more than likely a Non-CDL.


#Scale Weekly Reporting

#Cycle Counting

Cycle counting has continued to get better this year, and will continue until were able to be 100% every week.

#Productivity Stops/Driver/Day


#Productivity Miles Per Stop

#Metrics - With Weekly Open DocumentsAway for military training for first two weeks in August .

#LDC Home Delivery PerformanceSurveys above Network Average2 drivers with perfect scores, KENK & DAVA5

#Individual Home Delivery Performance

#Turnover4 terminations from July 2014 - Aug 20152 A-class driver quite, citing age and difficulty of work.2 B-class/Non-CDL sought other jobs. (BELD62 & SIMS41)

#Rolling 12 Month Data: Accident/Injury Count & Cost0 Accidents in 12 mo. period!

1 W/C: Action plan in place for 2014 eventInjury DateALPHACause Cost Body Part09/19/2014SCHN45Picking up dishwasher $3,977.45 Right Shin laceration

#Rolling 12 Month Data: Property Damage (non-moving)Event IDDateOPR_CDDriver NameCostEvent IDDateOPR_CDDriver NameCoI1438568 8/8/2014JACR0Jackson, Ronald$0I14265328/27/2014JACR0Jackson, Ronald$432.00I1430298 9/30/2014SIMS41Simmons, Steve$335I15073773/5/2015JACR9Jackson, Ronald $268.24

#Inventory DiscrepanciesDiscuss discrepancies for WE 8/1/15Total # of Discrepancies: 9Discuss discrepancies for WE 8/8/15Total # of Discrepancies: 9Discuss discrepancies for WE 8/15/15Total # of Discrepancies: 43Discuss discrepancies for WE 8/22/15Total # of Discrepancies: 11Discuss discrepancies for WE 8/29/15Total # of Discrepancies: 12

#SAP/ZPOA Aging Documents Current Snapshot Aging DeliveriesNumber: 0Comments: Aging Will CallsNumber: 16Comments: High volume, customers are great at picking up on time, and we dummy load several times/week.Aging ReturnsNumber: 26Comments: HDA returns not yet processed. Will have processed and closed out by Monday/Tuesday

#Reclassification and Second Channel SalesSecond Channel all shipped direct to RDC. Shipped 77pcs on 9/16

Available Foot prints:Returns Lots 11-14, 1 for WP, 3 for SHOSRe-deliveries Lots 1-5 for WPLDC Commingle Inventory Lots 6-9Commingle Returns Lot 15Will Calls Lot 10

#Whirlpool 7 Keys AuditsQ1 Results 59 / 60, completed 3/18 by Acct. Mgr.

Comments - Handling according to carton graphics should be observed - loading, staging, foot prints Not dollying refers with back coils from the sides.

Q2 Results Completed by Amber Whittington on 5/2

Comments -

Q3 Results Completed by Warren Shrum.

Comments -

#Builder Specialist or Account Manager Audit ResultsBuilder SpecialistNumber of audits completed: Pass / Fail: Failures? Areas of ConcernRecent trend of DIS turn over

#OSHA AuditLast OSHA Inspection Date: 8/26/2015Last OSHA Inspection Completed By: Louis QuickFindings2 Warehouse lights outBroken/Missing Emergency light in office hallwayLast OSHA Binder Inspection Date: 8/26/2015Last OSHA Binder Inspection Completed By: Louis Quick

#Builder Sites2013 Current and Notable BuildersPulte CelebrateNumber of units: Single FamilyStart date: 2012Projected end date: UnknownSignificance: Single FamilyAM and/or BS visit frequency: QuarterlyDrees Town HomesNumber of units: Towne HomesStart date: 2014Projected end date: UnknownSignificance: 3rd floor laundries, 2nd floor kitchensAM and/or BS visit frequency: QuarterlyBeezer Single FamilyNumber of units: Single FamilyStart date: 2014Projected end date: UnknownSignificance: Single FamilyAM and/or BS visit frequency: Quarterly

#InstructionsCover Sheet: The beginning.1) Open and complete according to the account's information including the account location, manager's name and title, as well as the date the AAA will be presented.LDC Office Staff and LDC photosThese will be slides 2 and 3 in the presentation. Upload photos of all office staff, drivers, etc. Also include a photo of LDC.Note concerning entire presentation. You will be using data beginning August 1, 2014 and ending with data on July 31, 2015. Assumptions vs Actual: As you will immediately notice, this tab is divided into three separate sections. The first sectionmeans to deal with the designed number of account assets versus what's actually being used. The second section focuseson activity levels. Because the initial design of so many Whirlpool accounts differs drastically from the daily reality,the most pertinent activity measure - stops - has a line breaking deliveries down to a per driver basis. This will helpkeep the results relative. The third and final section focuses on account revenue.1) Complete all of the cells that are not automatically formulated. Those are the gray and white cells. Do not update and cell colored in turqoise. 2) The comments section has been separated from the main body for a purpose. Later, when you are pasting those results into the Powerpoint slide show, the separation will ease that process.3) There is an area to type in comments on the items being measured. More than likely, it will be useful to you to make notes in these areas. However, you will not be pasting those comments directly into the Powerpoint. Instead, youwill make those notes in the Powerpoint itself.Comingle: Pricing vs. ActualThis slide will compare our comingle customers' priced numbers vs. the actual numbers. You will need to add and delete customers as needed depending on the customers that your LDC services.Comingle Exceptions: from the Final Mile exception reportWe are going to look at the past 6 weeks of data on this report. Select a date each week to capture the data. If at all possible use the sameday of the week for each snapshot (i.e. Monday). Make notes on anything excessive.CVD - VDANote any and all customer value delivery and value added delivery items .CVCs: Controllable variable cost information will come from your budget and your P&L. 1) Budgeted percentage of revenue and budgeted dollars for those line items can be found in the accounts budget. Do not usethe current or one particular month as the budgeted amounts. You should use Total Year budget for comparison purposes.2) Actual percentage of revenue and actual dollars will come from your most recent P&L. You will want to use year-to-dateinformation. But be sure you have enough data to make a reasonable comparison (i.e. only using January will probably not be sufficient).Invoice auditEnsure that our contracted rates for comingle customers are correct. Will vary by LDC based on current book of business.Payroll Audit: Ensuring the correct rates are in placeIn green area enter the PACE rate that should be paid based on license heldIn blue area enter all the drivers alpha codes and check the most current pay to make sure all rates are correct per driverIn yellow area enter the total pay per each driver and it will give a 52 week average for eachDriver position listShow all current drivers, license held and any commentsMCC - SCALE - Cycle Counting1.) Show account usage percentage


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