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Paid: Strategy/ImplementationCenter for Adult and Graduate Studies Digital Marketing ProjectMKT 6510 Advanced Internet MarketingDecember 16, 2015Dr. Leila Samii1AgendaIntroductionPresentersDigital Marketing ProjectResearch on MBA, MSA, MSDMAObjectives and GoalsStrategy and ImplementationPaid, Social Media and EmailAnalysis of DataPaid, Social Media and EmailFinal Analysis and Recommendations22IntroductionAU CAGS Digital Marketing Campaign33IntroductionCenter for Adult and Graduate Studies had limited digital presenceDiscover what matters and build your life around it.Adhere to AUs core values:IntegrityCitizenshipContinuous LearningExcellence44IntroductionTasked to implement a full digital marketing campaignBudget of $3,000 for paid ads, social media and emailFocus on graduate business programs MBA, MSA and MSDMACreated strategy for paid ads, new social media accounts and email campaignImplementation of campaignAnalysis of data from paid, social and email55AU CAGS Positioning StatementThe AU Graduate Business Programs will prepare graduates for advanced careers in their industry of choice. Our programs are cutting-edge and constantly evolving to provide students with current, real-world experience. Students have the opportunity to learn from award winning faculty and practitioners in their field of study. The collaborative learning environment allows students to gain new network connections and build their life around what matters most.6ResearchGeneral, MBA, MSA & MSDMA77GeneralResearch88Target Audience AnalysisWorking ProfessionalMale or FemaleAges 25 to 44Full-time JobInterested in going back to school to develop their skills to better run their businessTo receive promotions, pay raises and/or new career opportunitiesLocation (surrounding suburbs-Aurora)99Customer Personas10UndergraduateWorking ProfessionalEntrepreneur 22 years old25 to 44 years old25 to 44 years oldFinishing schoolWorking full or part timeOwns their own businessContinue educationAdvance in careerGrow Knowledge base to improve businessCompleted internshipHave a family at homeHave a family at home10Stakeholder Analysis11CategoryStakeholderInterestInfluenceWeighted ImportanceEmployeesCAGS5510EmployeesSenior Staff549CitizensProspective Students314EmployeesFaculty549Citizens Undergraduate Students213CitizensCurrent Graduate Students347EmployeesEnrollment549EmployeesUniversity Staff Admission & UC 448EmployeesCurrent /Future Employers43711Influencers & CompetitorsBenedictine UniversityNorthern Illinois UniversityNorth Central CollegeDePaul UniversityElmhurst CollegeUniversity of Illinois ChicagoRoosevelt UniversityLoyola University1212Cornelia Breedlove (CB) - Leila's Comment: It's more beneficial to determine what was found from the competitorsAU CAGS SWOCStrengthsOpportunitiesMultitude of resources to run social mediaAU Pulse Blog and PodcastsAurora University brandCurrent Aurora University social media accountsOpportunity to get the Center for Adult and Graduate Studies on the Internet (SEO)Chance to establish new platforms and messagesChance to give prospective graduate students information about programChance to focus solely on graduate studentsCreating content people will want (to gain followers, it is important to determine what the target audience is interested in learning about before starting)Reaching the right target audience (research needs to be done to determine that the content will be focused on the appropriate target audience)WeaknessesChallengesSocial media for the Center for Adult and Graduate Studies does not existIt will take time to see results to see if the campaign is successfulIt will take time to create meaningful content that will attract followersLack of awareness surrounding the Center for Adult and Graduate Studies as well as their digital channelsLack of awareness surrounding the Center for Adult and Graduate Studies as well as their digital channels Current Digital channels are focused on undergraduates 1313MBAResearch1414Target Audience AnalysisCurrent Business ProfessionalsReceived Undergraduate DegreeConsulting/Strategy ProfessionalsHuman/Organizational Performance ProfessionalsBusiness EntrepreneursAdvancement in Business Career1515Influencers & CompetitorsNational Business AssociationBusiness Professionals of AmericaUniversity of IL ChicagoDePaul UniversityUniversity of IL Urbana-ChampaignSaint Xavier UniversityRoosevelt UniversityNorthern IL UniversityNorthwestern UniversityBenedictine University16& many more high competition Breedlove (CB) - Leila's Comment: Please see previous Influencers & Competitors slide. In the shared folder, there should be some information on opportunities based on Influencers and Competitors.Cornelia Breedlove (CB) - Leila's Comment: Are these different from previous Influencer and Competitors?SWOC17StrengthsOpportunitiesAU has a great reputation in the local communityAffordability Classes are offered in the evening for working professionals Opportunity to get the Center for Adult and Graduate Studies increase Social Media PresenceChance to establish content using video, podcasts, and graphicsChance to give prospective graduate students information about programBuild lead capture forms that capture data from SMWeaknessesChallengesSocial media for the Center for Adult and Graduate Studies does not existIt takes time to build an online communityIt will take time to create meaningful content that will attract followersLack of awareness surrounding the Center for Adult and Graduate studies as well as their digital channelsLots of competition in the areaStaff to manage the social media accountStaff to create relevant content for the social media channelsLack of Funds Small Budget17Cornelia Breedlove (CB) - Leila's Comment: Please look at previous SWOC for general programs, are there differences?KeywordsMBA Degree ProgramBusiness DegreeBusiness Management DegreeBusiness Administration MastersMaster of Business AdministrationMBABusiness Masters Degree18MBA ManagementBusiness ProgramMBA in ChicagoMBA in Chicago SuburbsMBA no GMAT RequiredMBA no Work Experience RequiredMBA Requirements18MSAResearch1919Target Audience AnalysisWorking accountantsNon CPAs, bookkeepers Undergrad studying accountingAU students, other university studentsCareer changersSeeking Masters in accounting2020Influencers & CompetitorsIllinois Board of ExaminersIllinois CPA SocietyAICPAUniversity of Chicago ILUniversity of IL Urbana-ChampaignRoosevelt UniversityLoyola UniversityWestern Illinois UniversityNorthwestern University21& more21Cornelia Breedlove (CB) - Leila's Comment: Please see above Influence and Competitor comments.SWOC22StrengthsOpportunitiesAffordabilityLocation Limited optionsSmall class sizeIncrease awarenessNo emphasis on paid-searchWeaknessesChallengesLimited budgetLimited awarenessSmaller programTax seasonChanging the conversion from MBADifficult to find on-linevery specific content and audience 22Cornelia Breedlove (CB) - Leila's Comment: Please see above comments on SWOCKeywordsCPA ExamCPA ProgramMasters Degree in AccountingGraduate Degree in AccountingCPAAccountingMasters in Accounting in ChicagoGraduate Degree in Accounting in Northern Illinois2323MSDMAResearch2424Target Audience AnalysisBusiness and Digital LeadersSocial Media EnthusiastsAnalytical ProfessionalsData Driven IndividualsCustomer Experience SeekersInternet Marketing ProfessionalsMarketing ManagersOperations ManagersIndividuals in learning more about digital and analytics2525Influencers & CompetitorsAmerican Marketing AssociationBusiness Marketing AssociationSociety forMarketingProfessional ServicesMarketing Research AssociationNorthwestern UniversityDePaul UniversityBenedictine UniversityLewis UniversityElmhurst CollegeLoyola University Chicago26 Marketing is TrendingGeographical LocationCost of ProgramAwareness on Classes/ProgramConvert LeadsIncrease InquiriesGraduate collaboration on social mediaWeaknessesChallengesSmall BudgetKeyword CompetitionGeographical LocationCompeting Against other Universities in ILNot having online courses/optionsNew Program at AU27KeywordsDigital Marketing DegreeMasters in Digital MarketingDigital Marketing ChicagoAnalytics DegreeMarketing Masters DegreeMarketing ManagementData Mining DegreeInternet Marketing Operations ManagementData AnalysisMarketing StrategyBusiness Marketing Graduate SchoolMarketing Masters2828ObjectivesDigital Marketing Campaign2929Goals and ObjectivesGoalsTo increase Awareness of AU CAGSTo increase Enrollment in AU CAGS ProgramsTo drive traffic to the AU websiteTo increase social media engagement and community size3 Week Objectives To increase landing page visits by 10%To increase program inquiries by 10%To build a social media community of 375 usersTo earn 7,500 organic impressions FB Reach: 5,000 Twitter impressions: 2,500Scope30AU CAGS Digital Marketing System31AU CAGS Revised Digital Marketing SystemThe model is continuously evolving and we were able to learn more about how all of the pieces of our Digital Marketing Strategy fit together throughout the whole process32Strategy & ImplementationPaid, Social & Email3333Customer Lifecycle Journey34PaidEmailSocial034PaidStrategy & Implementation3535Customer Lifecycle Journey36PaidTarget Audience: Potential Studentsundergrads, current students, entrepreneurs, those with full-time jobs, interested in learning more about particular topic (student at large)36Paid: BudgetDetermine channels and budgetTotal Budget: $3,000Google AdWordsLinkedInFacebookTwitterMSA: $250MSA: $250Promo 1: $375Promo Post: $500MBA: $250MBA: $250Promo 2: $375MSDMA: $250MSDMA: $250General: $250Total: $1,000Total: $750Total: $750Total: $5003737Paid: Target Audience38Google AdWordsLocationKeywordsFacebookGender / AgeLocationKeywordsLinkedInLocation IndustryTwitter GenderLocationKeywords / Interests Google AdWords-30 miles around Aurora, Illinois-Targeting based on keywords in search and display networksFacebook-Age: 22-50-Gender: Male/Female-25 miles around AU-Interests based on keyword selection LinkedIn -Greater Chicago Area -Users targeted based on industry Twitter-Chicago Metro Options (can target user by country, state, regions or metro areas)-Gender: Male/Female-Keyword targeting based on program and keyword selection -Interests based on programs and keyword selection38Paid: KeywordsResearch keywordsGoogle AdWordsMBAMSAMSDMAGeneralAll platforms based on Google AdWords39Researched keywords based on success of previous campaigns as well as our thoughtsUsed Google AdWords to determine which keywords to useAll ads on other platforms were based on search results from Google AdWords39Paid: General KeywordsMasters DegreesGraduate ProgramMasters ProgramBusiness Masters DegreeGraduate DegreeBest Business Programs4040Paid: MBA KeywordsBusiness Administration DegreeBusiness DegreeBusiness Management DegreeMasters of Business AdministrationMBAMBA in ChicagoMBA ManagementMBA Requirements4141Paid: MSA KeywordsCPACPA ChicagoCPA ExamAccounting Degree RequirementsGraduate Degree AccountingMasters in AccountingMasters in Finance4242Paid: MSDMA KeywordsDigital MarketingDigital Marketing ChicagoMarketing DegreeMarketing MastersMaster Degree in MarketingSocial MediaSocial Media SitesWhat is Social MediaWeb AnalyticsWebmaster4343Paid: Ad ContentCreated and scheduled ad contentGoogle AdWords (Search & Display)LinkedInTwitterFacebookAds created to:Raise brand awarenessIncrease traffic to siteIncrease # of inquiries4444Paid: Google Ads Content4545Paid: LinkedIn Ad ContentMSA Text AdMSA Sponsored Ad4646Paid: Twitter Ad ContentHands on Business TrainingListen to Podcast4747Paid: Facebook Ad ContentListen to AUs PodcastLearn about Grad Business Programs4848Social MediaStrategy & Implementation4949Customer Lifecycle Journey50Social0Target Audience: Potential Students, Current Students, Alumni50Social Media ChannelsTargeted interests in 3 majors and digital marketing, business-centric subjects (only promoted to Aurora area residents) New AUCAGS PageKeywords/interests subject of targeting; took advantage of pinned tweets @AUCAGSIndustry and program targeted, greater Chicago area residents (existing LinkedIn page)51Leila Samii (LS) - Is this for Paid Search?Social Media ContentPromoted posts to landing page (with all 3 majors) and Graduate School 411 podcast on AU Pulse; industry-relevant articles, links to individual major landing pagesShort messages; incorporated hashtags, links, and why they should click; links to AU pages and industry-related contentShort messages; links to individual program landing pages52Facebook Page5353Facebook Post Examples54Twitter Page5555Twitter Post Examples56Social Media TimingMultiple times per day; method up for improvement (2-3 times per day is recommended)Frequent posts 10+ per day;Recommended to cluster tweet (5 tweets in a row, 2-3 times per day); utilized SM tool HootSuite5 day LinkedIn ad targeting industries in greater Chicago area57EmailStrategy & Implementation5858Customer Lifecycle Journey59EmailTarget Audience: Current Students59Email Campaign Strategy3 Week SMART ObjectivesTo obtain 75 new social media membersTo obtain a 35% email open rateTo obtain a 10% email click through rate (CTR)Target AudienceCurrent MBA, MSA, and MSDMA students within the AU CAGSCustomer Lifecycle 60Email Campaign Round 1Subject: Stuart, tell us why you are proud to be an AU Grad StudentSent: Sunday, December 6, 2015 5:58:15 PMTarget: All Current AU CAGS Graduate Students61Email Campaign Round 2GROUP 1Subject: Cheryl, Join our social community and become part of the conversation Sent: Friday, December 11, 2015 4:29:50 PMTarget: Current students that did not open first emailGROUP 2Subject: Let's get social Lisseth, we are ready to connect with YOU!Sent: Friday, December 11, 2015 4:27:59 PMTarget: Current students that opened first email62Email Campaign Round 2GROUP 3Subject: 6 Life Hacks that Will Help You During Finals Week Sent: Friday, December 11, 2015 4:28:07 PMTarget: Current Students who opened and clicked the first email63AnalysisPaid, Social & Email6464PaidAnalysis6565Paid: AnalysisTotal Spend: $2,338.06Determined baseline from prior AU Grad campaignsNo baseline for LinkedIn Sponsored AdsHigher Google AdWords baseline66Total spend will broken down by channel over the next 4 slidesDidn't use the full budget due short campaign time, limited time to analyze and reallocate dollars, limited time optimizeBaseline Average results of prior Google, LinkedIn, Twitter & FacebookNo baseline for sponsored ads because it was the first time AU has run sponsored ads on LinkedInGoogle AdWords baseline will be higher than the campaign averages for this campaign because AU typically runs campaigns for at least a month and can make changes based on resultsA week long campaign didnt allow for enough time to be able to analyze results and make the necessary changes66Paid: Google AdWords AnalysisTotal Spend: Google AdWords Total: $674.93Search: $151.74Display: $523.1967Ad NameClicksImpressionsCTRAvg. CPCCostAvg. PositionMBA886,1311.44%$1.56$137.261.4Baseline32818,6911.75%$1.39$155.381.4Comparison-240-12,560-0.31%$0.17$317.220.0MSA8822,0330.40%$2.73$240.411.9Baseline1327,1741.84%$1.18$155.381.4Comparison-44+14,859-1.44%+$1.55+$85.03-0.567Paid: Google AdWords Analysis Continued68ProgramClicksImpressionsCTRAvg. CPCCostAvg. PositionMSDMA7515,1940.49%$1.92$143.801.3Baseline302,0731.45%$1.65$49.581.8Comparison+45+13,121-0.96%+$0.27+$94.22+0.5General958,5591.11%$1.62$153.461.9Baseline23826,9190.88%$2.38$565.912.3Comparison-143-18,360+0.23%-$0.76-$412.45+0.468Paid: LinkedIn AnalysisTotal Spend: $419.95Text Ads: $129.57Sponsored Ads: $290.3869Text AdsCTRAvg. CPCAvg. CPMTotal SpentBaseline0.009% $8.39 $0.77 $503.14 MBA0.010% $6.53 $0.62 $58.74 Comparison+0.001%-$1.86 -$0.15 -$444.40 MSA0.012% $5.73 $0.67 $63.00 Comparison+0.003%-$2.66 -$0.10 -$440.14 MSDMA0.000% $7.83 $0.35 $7.83 Comparison-0.009%-$0.56 -$0.42 -$495.31 69Paid: LinkedIn Analysis Continued70Sponsored AdsCTRAvg. CPCAvg. CPMTotal SpentBaseline (Text)0.009% $8.39 $0.77 $503.14 MBA0.198% $7.24 $14.31 $115.76 Comparison+0.189%-$1.15 +$13.54 -$387.38 MSA0.220% $6.33 $13.92 $75.92 Comparison+0.211%-$2.06 +$13.15 -$427.22 MSDMA0.211% $8.97 $18.95 $98.70 Comparison+0.202%+$0.58 +$18.18 -$404.44 Note: The baseline when comparing the sponsored ads is text because we have never run sponsored ads before70Paid: Twitter AnalysisTotal Spend: $493.4371Ad NameImpressionsEngagementsEngagement RateCost per EngagementAmount SpentBaseline--1.0-2.0%--Business Training 13,693 5343.90% $0.83 $444.95 Comparison--+1.9% - 2.9%--Podcast 3,184 471.48% $1.03 $48.48 Comparison---0.52% - +0.48%--Note: Baseline for Twitter has been for past Twitter ads, but this is the first time we tried promoted tweets71Paid: Facebook AnalysisTotal Spend: $749.7572Ad NameReachResultsResult RateCost per ResultAmount SpentBaseline--2.00-2.45%--Podcast27,2562390.88%$1.57$374.75Comparison---1.57% to -1.12%--Grad Business Programs24,4192431.00%$.154$375.00Comparison---1.45% to 1.0%--Note: baseline has been for Facebook ads and we did promoted posts, so as with Twitter, these are slightly different72Paid: RecommendationsLonger campaign timeTracking beyond clicksGoogle AdWords Search vs. DisplayRetargeting campaignContinue use of LinkedIn Sponsored AdsContinue use of Promoted Tweets73Longer campaign time to analyze and reallocate dollars accordinglySet up tracking beyond the click so we can see which clicks are turning into inquiries and which channels are most successful (can see where the inquiries are coming from and which produces more quality leads)Focus dollars more on search network in Google AdWords (versus display network) even though it is more competitive (allocating money to what people are actually looking for)Include retargeting campaign in Google AdWords to show ads to visitors who have already expressed interest in our product (further increase awareness and in turn likes)High success with the LinkedIn Sponsored Ads use this type of ad in future campaigns (further increase awareness and inquiries)One of our promoted tweets performed much higher than usual 1-1.5% for ads use promoted tweets more in the future (further increase awareness and inquiries)73Social MediaAnalysis7474Social Media AnalysisFacebookTwitterLinkedInHootsuite7575Facebook Business PageTop Reach and Engagement76Facebook Insights vs. Down load (SNAPSHOT OF whats happening on a Fan Page)76Facebook Business Page12/04/2015 to 12/12/2015TotalPage Likes141Weekly Reach284,706Weekly Organic Reach15,768Weekly Reach284,706Consumption2,394Negative Feedback8477Page Launched December 2nd, 2015Weekly Reach : The number of people who saw any of your Page posts. (Unique Users) Paid + OrganicWeekly Organic: The number of people who saw your Page posts in news feed or ticker, or on your Page's timeline. (Unique Users) Weekly Paid: The number of people who saw your Page posts in an ad or sponsored story. (Unique Users) Weekly Consumption: The number of people who clicked on any of your content. Stories that are created without clicking on Page content (ex, liking the Page from timeline) are not included. (Unique Users) Weekly Negative Feedback: The number of people who have given negative feedback to your Page. (Unique Users) 77Facebook Business Page12/04/2015 to 12/12/2015Engagement 4,290Paid Reach268,938Organic Reach20,665Total Reach293,774Organic Impressions77,161Paid Impressions387,687Total Impressions464,84878Weekly Engagement: The number of people who engaged with your Page. Engagement includes any click or story created. (Unique Users)total Reach: The number of people who have seen any content associated with your Page. (Unique Users) Organic Reach: The number of people who visited your Page, or saw your Page or one of its posts in news feed or ticker. These can be people who have liked your Page and people who haven't. (Unique Users) Paid Reach: The number of people who visited your Page, or saw your Page or one of its posts in news feed or ticker. These can be people who have liked your Page and people who haven't. (Unique Users) Impressions: "the total number of times the ad referenced has been shown on the site." This means that when an ad appears on the right side of the screen while a user is viewing Facebook, an impression is registered to your Facebook advertising account.78Facebook Business PageDec 4Dec 5Dec 6Dec 7Dec 8Dec 9Dec 10Dec 11Dec 12Organic LIKES40ADS LIKES9714103On The Page234345Page Suggestions512Uncategorized Desktop51Uncategorized Mobile3111UnLIKES21 NET LIKES531411171665537979Cornelia Breedlove (CB) - Leila's Comments: This is an excellent slide. Make sure to analyze it versus just reading off the numbers.Facebook Business PageLikes By Top CitiesTotal Cities with LIKES (59) NOT page LIKESCityLIKESOswego9Romeoville10Champaign12Woodstock12Elgin13Joliet14West Chicago15Naperville27Bolingbrook34Chicago81Aurora198Total Lifetime LIKES By City6358080Facebook Business PageTop Posts - Reach and Engagement8181Facebook Hootsuite Snapshot 8282Leila Samii (LS) - These numbers are different then slide 63s. Make sure there is consistency. Cornelia Breedlove (CB) - The slides are different because our data shows Paid Reach. Not the same data. "Weekly Paid: The number of people who visited your Page, or saw your Page or one of its posts in news feed or ticker. These can be people who have liked your Page and people who haven't. (Unique Users)"Twitter Overview8383Twitter Most Popular PostsSAS Digital MarketingThe Future of Digital Marketing How Its Changing in 2016Aurora Grad School 411Apple is already planning the next version of its TVHow to Create a Digital Marketing Measurement Strategy8484Cornelia Breedlove (CB) - Leila's Comment: There is no mention of impressions.Twitter 85This importance is this data is that is begins to give us a picture of the number of people we are able to reach through tweets, retweets and engagement with our followers. 85Todays Situation As of December 12th, 201586Use brief bullets and discuss details verbally.86Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn8787Social Media: Recommendations88Engage with followers and provide relevant, helpful content in order to increase the followingThis will show us as an authority in our fields and drive inquiries to our websiteFocus on organic reachGet the students, alumni and faculty involved in sharing and engagingThis will increase the number of impressionsSocial Media isnt a one way toolIt takes a communityEveryone must take ownership to make this successful88EmailAnalysis89891st Email (First Name), tell us why you are proud to be an AU Grad Student(Only top shown)902nd Email Group 6 Life Hacks that Will Help You During Finals Week CAGS 2912nd Email Group Let's get social (First Name), we are ready to connect with YOU!CAGS 392Leila Samii (LS) - The analytics in this look identical to the slide prior. Cornelia Breedlove (CB) - Prior slide has been updated with correct analytics.2nd Email Group (First Name), Join our social community and become part of the conversation (Bottom Portion. Header not displayed.) CAGS 493Email: RecommendationsDiscover the best email frequency to maximize student responseA way to measure is to look at the average of number of emails Aurora University and competitors send to subscribers per week, month or year.Stay on top of the inboxAll the segmentation and strategy in the world wont help if youre not winning at the point of attack: the inbox.Remain FlexibleNever forget that email, or any marketing tool, is just that: a tool thats meant to serve business goals. When a situation changes, there might be a need to include a few new tools.9494Final Analysis & RecommendationsPaid, Social & Email9595Goals and ObjectivesGoalsTo increase Awareness of AU CAGSTo increase Enrollment in AU CAGS ProgramsTo drive traffic to the AU websiteTo increase social media engagement and community size3 Week Objectives To increase landing page visits by 10% (505 UPV = 28% increase)To increase program inquiries by 10% (9 Inquiries in 1st week = 50% increase)To build a social media community of 375 users (171 members)To earn 7,500 organic impressions FB Reach: 5,000 (20,665 earned reach)Twitter impressions: 2,500 (4,512 earned impressions)96Final RecommendationsDedicated staff to sustain newly created channelsContent calendarMake all clicks trackableLonger campaign timeMake it a school-wide initiativeUtilize other methods to increase social followingAutomation9797ContributorsVasiliki BarakosCarrie Bey-LittleCori CameronDan CrevistonCynthia GonzalezStuart HackerScott HardestyAngelina LampkinSara MeersRenee Yadav9898